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    Holly wanted me to post her pictures so everyone could see them so here they are. Mathew Lillard. It was only my partner getting the pic and we went past with her chair after her pic. Mathew spotted Holly and high fived her. Just as we were away he called her back and asked to see her Pikachu (or however you spell the thing). He then scootched down, grabbed her in and got the photographer to take her pic. What a guy.
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    Last one: Sunday First was Martin Sheen and oh my goodness I can only echo what others have said and that's he was so wonderful in engaging with everyone, asking for everybody's name and shaking their hand. I thanked him after our photo was taken and his response was "thank *you* Kim" which just to me showed that he was genuinely listening to what people were saying to him and taking it in, just, yeah, what an experience getting to meet such a legend who was kind and warm and seemed to enjoy meeting us all <3 Robert Patrick was just so at ease with meeting everyone, very friendly, he was recognising folks he'd met earlier in the weekend and just seemed to go the extra mile to make it a great experience for everyone :) And last photo, Brendan Fraser He was... The whole weekend he seemed repeatedly taken aback and tremendously touched that we were all wanting to meet him I honestly get very emotional thinking about his autos, talk, and photo ops because he truly is such a beautiful person inside and out. He shook my hand before the photo and I have a habit of calling men Sir so his response to my "hello sir" was a smile and "call me Brendan, please" :). When I thanked him after the pic he gave me another very touched smile and said You're Welcome with such warmth I genuinely left getting teary-eyed All amazing experiences, thank you Showmasters I am forever grateful to you <3
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    Some of my meetings on the Sunday. Not easy to scan with a phone.
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    I’ve still to get round to writing up my guest/con experiences but I’ve just had the best experience from this con tonight. We took round an album we made of all the photos of my granddaughter, including the ones we had taken herself of her for the whole trip and meeting cosplayers around the hall etc. It has her Jenna Coleman DP and lanyard in it and all the other bits and bobs. She cried and gave us huge hugs saying thank you for the best weekend ever. No guest experience from this weekend tops that I’m afraid
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    Final photo of the weekend is Robert Englund. This was great fun. Robert chose the pose for each person. Good to know I am someone he would rather hug than murder.
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    Two of my very favs this weekend.
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    This will probably be me queuing for a VQ.
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    Got to say a massive thank you to Nick G and the other crew at the Val Killer Auto queue. You were all brilliant under very difficult circumstances. You all made my con weekend. And a massive amount of respect to Val, for insisting on coming back down to do some signing when not feeling great. A true gent, such a honour to meet him.
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    Finally got the chance to pick up my pre-order from CM26. (Arrived the same day I flew to London). Faye Marsay
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    Rachel Weisz now when Brendan is coming, or why not Arnold Vosloo, Patricia Velásquez or John Hannah. The Mummy (1999) turns 20 this year.
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    It’s your own fault if you get dissapointed I find, just hope for a guest of your liking and if it’s not, be happy for the other people
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    As promised. A selection of my weekend at Destination Star Trek.
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    AWESOME I wasn't expecting them to be up this quickly! Downloaded mine already. Came out really nicely, I love the digital versions more than the prints 'cause they look so much more detailed. Props, good job on getting so many photos uploaded, that's amazing work!
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    I do show my parents cause I know that they are happy for me - and they don't care where I spend my money. They themselves are like: "You don't smoke, you don't drink" and so on. But I don't show to friends - unless they want to have a look. And when they do they usually try to find something negative to say. Something like: "Wow, that person got old" or "He could have smiled more". But I don't care. I prefer to share my stuff here or somewhere else where people like me share the same passion. As some of you already mentioned - we do this for us. It's our memories, our experiences, our time and our money. I don't need to show my pics to 50 friends so that I can say: "Ha, look whom I met!". I enjoy checking out my folder all alone cause I love to remember the meetings!
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    I didn't know what pose to do when my turn came. Lana pulled me in close and said, "Let's make it like a Prom Picture!" BEST PHOTO OP OF THE CON! Thank you, Lana!
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    I think they need to tell the crew at future cons and make it very clear that it is not their job to judge if a person is worthy of the extra help band they're wearing, this has already been done when the person recieved it, and be respectful and keep their thoughts to them selves.
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    The biggest high was seeing my wife meet Ian Somerhalder. She had been looking forward to it for so long, had her pose all planned out any everything (some kind of 'almost touch' for any vampire diaries fans) and it all went perfectly for her. I sometimes feel a bit used to the whole meeting celebs thing, so it's sometimes hard to get starstruck. But seeing her so giddy was amazing. Also Hayden was such a gentleman, so polite and really took care to ensure guests got what they wanted :) As mentioned, the lack of cancellations, general manner of most guests, smooth running of all my activities and variety of stuff to enjoy was also amazing
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    I'll post this here as it's interesting info from Jason, posted in reply to someone on Facebook so it might not be seen by a lot of people. The last bit about the new systems in particular. Jason V Joiner there is a reason we ask people to not to encourage people to resell there tickets , and this is why , last years event we had 150 plus people that had bought tickets in auction and on line and they had been given a valid ticket number but in this case the person had resold this ticket to over 30 times to people and then event canceled the ticket to buy an upgrade which we do allow and he then proceeded to re sell the Dimond pass , he did this all with stolen credit cards and as such everyone got taken and we estimate that around 150 plus fans got ripped off . this is why we don't allow reselling because this happens , its hard to say it but it helps stop scalpers and con men , this years event will have both con men and scalpers as the guests for this years event are going to be amazing so please tell everyone to not buy tickets from anyone other than the official ticket office, also we have two things that we have held of useding to stop this from happening , with the big names that we have for the first time we are using this new security system so we will spot around 50% to 70% of tickets that have been resold , ANY transferal ticket that we find we are going o ban the person that bought them from being able to buy them in future , we are sorry but this cost lots of money to real fans being tickets they though were valid so this is not right and we do have to do something to stop this , so please don't try to resell ticket and i would hope the page owners can help us and the fans by not allowing this to happen on this page as it is agents the rules and they are there to stop people from getting ripped off , thank you all for reading , jason
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    Just met Josef Altin, Pyp in Game Of Thrones.
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    Started a John Wick Poster. Started with Jerome Flynn and Mark Dacascos
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    No, he'll bring the meat
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    Well, here it is. And @R4wly97 ... Yes, Toy Story, true. Thank You @Broo Yes, this is the really big one for me. Been a fan since 1989. Ok, I did not get it in person but I have met her twice at concerts back in 1994 and 2004 but missed out on getting something signed, at least got a moment to exchange words. She isnt so big on signing things but it happens. Took me a bit over a month to get it. Now I am planning to hopefully see her live again next year, probably in Canada.
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    Just want to say thank you for the time taken to post on here. This year we had a bigger team then ever shipping and all show images were at the post office by close of play friday and send ins close of play saturday. The post office did say they were a good 2 days behind us as we were to quick for them lol. Thats over 2000 pracels/envelopes and 3000 autographs. The team at the event this year was bigger then ever and the feedback coming back via emails is very positive. We are human and the odd mistake will happen from time to time and each year we push to make that number 0. When the first 2 posts above were made I still had the team with me working and you put some great smiles on faces saying your items had arrived less then a week of the show ending (also bare in mind, we all travel back from the show on the monday so we don't start until the tuesday) Thank you for the support Jason G
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    What is everyone going to get signed at this event? After the event has finished, please post pictures of your signed stuff here as well.
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    Latest Guest Announcement: Hayden Christensen Attending: Saturday ONLY Autograph Price: £145 Photo Shoot Price: £145 Diamond Pass Price: £325 1x Guaranteed in person autograph 1x Guaranteed standard photo shoot 1x Exclusive gift *Star Wars Attack of the Clones: Anakin Skywalker *Star Wars Revenge of the Sith: Anakin Skywalker View Filmography
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    i admit defeat! Tried to upload via different sites but not happening https://photos.app.goo.gl/RBBDTUzsxCN8moKy6 https://photos.app.goo.gl/RYo2LB2tYZMZghYeA https://photos.app.goo.gl/tPt5T3c9xVKmYZxJ6
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    We went to this comic con to get Heydon Christensen and Ian McDiarmid, taking our little boy who’s just four months old. By 1400 it was looking like we wouldn’t get either! We had ticket 190 for HC and 297 for IM. At 1600 we popped to see how the HC queue was going and we were allowed to jump in the queue with ticket 190 even though they were only calling upto 160. When in that queue my partner nipped to see how the queue for IM was doing; they were only calling up to about 100! Got chatting to some amazing guy in the HC queue and we said we were a bit disappointed as the IM autograph we wanted was actually for our little chap... he only went and pulled out ticket 28 for IM and handed it to us! WHAT THE HELL!! HC wrote an amazing quote on our picture to match our lads babygrow despite the crew member saying he wasn’t writing anything or doing personalisation , as did IM who said “I see a young apprentice in you” to our little one :) It was all just so awesome and well worth the sweat... man it was hot in there!!!!
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    Finally in my room!
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    Let the record reflect that I had a question and I looked it up in the FAQ and I got my answer and I'm not bothering anyone with my question. I am, however, bothering you with the fact that I'm super proud of myself for this.
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    I got so distracted thinking what a bad influence you all are my finger slipped and I bought 2 photo sessions for Friday.
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    Thanks everyone! You guys are the best!
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    Currently wandering around Covent Garden. Attending Sophie Aldred's book signing,then going to see a screening of The Room,and then I'm topping it off with Sabaton's concert tonight. Today will be packed but so worth it.
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    It was our work Christmas party and Secret Santa yesterday. Maybe I talk about a certain Doctor far more than is actually healthy. Or someone knows me very well. Either way.
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    Tickets booked LFCC 2020 here I come
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    Just wanted to express how wonderful all the red and blue shirts have been over the past couple of days. The organisation at the photo shoots was top notch, and I saw them deal with a difficult situation with patience and a cool head. Well done to them all, and thank you for making these shows possible.
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    Whilst on the subject of concerts, I've managed to get myself a ticket to see Elton John next year.
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    I'm at ComicCon of course it's a good one
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    Just looked through the online gallery. What an effort he put in for everyone.
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    And I'm back in Los Angeles (with a cat on my lap -- which is my usual state of existence when in my living room). I look forward to seeing you all again (virtually) when I start hanging around the forum for LFCC 2020 -- or maybe the Spring one instead. ::: waves bye-bye :::
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    On the train towards Heathrow. Thank you for this time and hope to see you all soon again, will be back for Destination Star Trek in October.
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    Now with added Quinto Now with added Gina The auto's aren't terribly visible unfortunately due to the light
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    ..days to go!!
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    On a lighter note, I am getting a new puppy
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    I am jealous, I would love to go with my mum lol, we get on really well and this is totally her thing. But unfortunately her health is not great so she can't make the journey to London. It's ok though, I facetime her while I am there and keep her updated lmao
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    Unless SM get even more guests before the event who I want (which they probably will ), here's the list, all for Sunday. It's gonna be a busy day. Val Kilmer- auto Robert Patrick- auto Matthew Lillard- auto William Shatner- photo John Barrowman- auto Jenna Coleman- auto Billy Dee Williams- photo Lisa and Louise Burns- auto Colin Baker- auto James Jude Courtney- auto Kane Hodder- auto CJ Graham- auto and costume photo Carrie Hope Fletcher- auto Maybe's depending on funds and time Erin Kellyman- auto Nicola Bryant- auto Tom Felton- auto
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    Last warning guys: the next Person to post "it could be XY, he's already doing Show ABC and is in the area", "could be guest GHT, he recently signed with ATB and is willing to do Events now" or anything similar will not have their post removed anymore with a gentle reminder that this is against the Forum rules. This goes especially if you have three Posts removed now doing it for three different actors. Eventually we are reaching the Point where the mods have to assume you are doing this on Purpose. Plus as it has been repeatedly mentioned: this rather means the guest is unlikely to attend. Most contracts have clauses saying a guest can't appear in the same Country for a certain time before or after the Event. Some guests even sign contracts that they will only appear with a certain organiser.
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    Hi. My name is @Peter Capaldi Fan and I am a con goer. LFCC will be my third con. I already have enough guests but if Showmasters announce any more great names I will be on the Eventbrite website before you can say CARAMAC CUPCAKES.
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    I'm putting this one up right now as I've just comeback from watching it, but I'll keep it spoiler free: Avengers: Endgame - It was exactly what I wanted it to be. I laughed and I cried (which I have never done at the cinema before). I left the cinema an exhausted wreck and I think it's gonna take a while to recover. The film has its faults, as all do, but it's the best way to finish off an incredible and historic saga of films that only Marvel could have accomplished.
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