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    Gillian Anderson tweeted to say that this year will be her final year attending comic cons. PLEASE can Showmasters try and get her to LFCC this summer one last time to say a comic-con goodbye to a sci-fi legend?
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    Since the X-Files is 25 years old this year it makes sense! And Gillian has said on her twitter account this will be her last year doing cons...
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    Yes!! Please! If this happen I am go go go on a Diamond Pass.
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    As many already mentioned, please bring Gillian Anderson to LFCC... while you are at it, put in a bonus guest, Mr. David Duchovny
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    I would like to see Dave Grohl at LFCC18 as he played Satan in Tenacious D The Pick of Destiny film.
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    Yes, I was just about to write this after seeing her tweet !!!!!! Please showmasters make this happen!!!!
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    Only 51 days to belfast comic con.
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    Original Power ranger cast
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    @Nerd Who Haha words to live by! I think Twelve gave the best speeches but he’s my favourite incarnation of the Doctor so I’m just biased!
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    You have to have them on the days specified Nerd. When I said about having multiple ones together I neglected to clarify that you can do that when you have bought them for the same day. So yes, as you picked Saturday for your diamond and Sunday for your extra you have them done separately on those days That's OK Lisa, ask any questions you have. Mr Leming is near enough correct with his timings, I'd say it's not necessary to be there a whole 10 minutes before for big shoots, like with the auto's you can join the line any time after your batch is called so if you aren't there dead on you just speak to the crew and they will slot you in - note that you have to be there whilst the session is still on of course. You might say 'well d'uh' but a surprising number of people think they will bring the guest back to the booth for them if they miss their session - the only disclaimer is if you are very near the end of the shoot session to make sure you aren't late, 10 minutes would be fine. Don't stress over the shoots and timings at the moment. The best thing to do is wait until the schedule is announced, have a look at it and find your sessions then if you have any questions ask them in the schedule thread and we can advise you. The mods and a few of us oldies are usually around for that specific purpose when it goes live. All we ask, and I know it's for a while away and people may not remember, is when you ask a schedule question, tell us what day you are asking about, who the shoots are with, what batches you have (in the case of overlaps) and if you have any priority tickets like Gold of a Diamond pass for that guest. It really does help if people give that info!
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    That whole photo shoot of Peter is priceless, its hard to choose the best pic, although I’m biased for the shush finger photo - I’m sure you know which one I’m referring to I tend to go for light background pictures for my autographs, it’s a quirk of mine and it makes me feel less stressed about how to keep them in good quality especially on the day, since a couple of silver/gold signatures smeared in my bag in the past. But I agree the best part is meeting him in person and have the chance to say a few words
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    Oh they’re some of my favourite Doctor Who quotes as well and all such inspirational speeches - especially the Lasagna one The Twelfth Doctor has been the absolute best
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    @Nerd Who I think if I had a signature on here it would be “Remember – hate is always foolish…and love, is always wise” or “I do what I do because it’s right! Because it’s decent! And above all, it’s kind! It’s just that… Just kind”. Or maybe I could just have “Don’t be lasagna”
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    @Nerd Who I hope so too, here’s to many more! By the way your signature is awesome!
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    @LisaCarter2016 @R4wly97 This is my first LFCC as well - hopefully the first of many! And I’m sure hundreds of newbies will join us in the coming months, so we’re in great company
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    woohoo glad I'm not alone
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    Peter Stormare please!!!
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    2nd robert patrick Gail kim Edge
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    Ana De Armas, Sylvia Hoeks, Harrison Ford, Daryl Hannah, Sean Young, Chloe Bennet, Clark Gregg, Dichen Lachman, Michael C Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Sylvester Stallone, JCVD, Carl Weathers, Sarah Michelle Gellar, eliza Dushku, Sarah Butler, Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner, Michael Fassbender, Sir Ian McKellen, Sir Patrick Stewart, Emma Dumont, Jamie Chung
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    @Raylenth @wjbleming Haha if I end up getting them all I’ll let you both know!
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    Game Of Thrones Cast Richard Dormer Emilia Clarke Maisie Williams Sophie Turner Liam Cunningham Iain Glen Jerome Flynn Sean Bean Ben Crompton Finn Jones Gwendoline Christie Peter Dinklage Nikolaj Coster-Waldau John Bradley Charles Dance
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    Kim Coates Nathan Fillion Tom Hiddleston Richard Dormer Keith Allan (Z Nation ) Chris Hemsworth Jeff Goldblum Natalie Portman Kat Dennings Stellan Skarsgard Jason Bateman Ross Marquand Michael Emerson
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    OMG. He would be AWESOME guest. Showmasters please make it happen *FingersCrossed*
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    @wjbleming @Raylenth Thank you, I’ve bought a print for Peter to sign just in case, so on the day I’ll decide what I want signing, decisions decisions
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    50 days to go!
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    Currently not got anything booked but my list is growing fast so need to start moving! Rory McCann (Auto/Photo) Iwan Rheon (Auto/Photo) Isaac Hempstead Wright (Photo) Jewel Staite (Auto/Photo) Amber Rose Revah (Auto/Photo) Paul Kaye (Auto/Photo) Lance Henriksen (Photo) Edward James Olmos (Photo) Katee Sackhoff (Auto/Photo) Grace Park (Photo) Katie Leung (Photo) Meat Loaf (Photo) Daniel Naprous (Auto) Eugene Brave Rock (Auto) Barbara Coles (Auto) Michael Culver (Auto) Plenty of other maybes too!
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    Christopher Lee, because he was just a total ledge. Would love to talk to him just to hear that voice.
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    i love phil collins!!! yes pls!!
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    I agree! Sam would be a dream come true. Laura Dern too would be great. Ariana Richards would be cool! She has done some Con’s.
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    spam yes that is what I am taking about Legends like Phil Colins
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    Yes, stargate , please x
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    Since we have meatloaf, how about Phil Collins, I love buster :) xx
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    2nd Stargate guests!
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    I definitely wish for Tom Welling. A photo op with him and John Schneider together would be a dream come true.
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    Yeah, Tom Welling would be a great name. I mean his "father" John Schneider will be there too apparently...
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    I just had a read, I'm still none the wiser at to whom they are now to be honest, but I don't blame them not signing pop figures of themselves, I wouldn't if it were me. Horrid little bug eyed things. I took one for Pam Anderson to sign, because it was at that point the only figure of her I could find, then I discovered the VIP Vallery Irons figure which has her likeness so I took that instead, it's one of my favourite pieces now, signed on the bubble. :)
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    So... I am going to declare two winners this time. mpharris for first correct guess. And Cyrus for presenting the guest with the biggest number of clues tied together correctly, even finding a connection with 51th State that I had overlooked. Congratulations to both of you. You can claim your prize if you want: you can choose a personalised user title.
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    Jim Carrey Terry Crews
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