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    I just wanted to post a wee note to SM to thank them for another good Glasgow FCC over the weekend, given there has been some criticism over the perceived poor guest line-up this year. My partner and I went on the Sunday and yes, it was quieter than in previous years (although admittedly we do normally go on the Saturday), but it allowed us more time with the guests we met, and meant we had more space to get in to look at stalls. The variety of what was on offer for buying was good and the staffing was really friendly and adequate. The three guests I met - Ian Beattie, Staz Nair and Mark Rolston - were three of the nicest guys you could ever talk to, in or out of a con, and overall, it was a fun day out. Obviously I would love it if the guest line-up was bigger and better still, but as Brasco said after being on the Saturday, it's horses for courses. London and Birmingham are the biggies for SM each year and would love Glasgow to start to get up there with them, but people in Sheffield, Newcastle, Cardiff, etc. will likely all say the same about their show, so I get that it's not easy. It was really good to see Glasgow is still on the calendar for 2018; can't wait to go back. Thanks again SM
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    I would also like to say that SM did a great job this year. My boyfriend and I did Sunday and we usually do Saturday so not sure how busy the first day had been. Sunday was busy but not mobbed which was a nice change as it meant we could take our time and see all the stalls. We had been at LFCC and we both felt there was more we wanted to buy because we could get into the stalls and even though GFCC has less stalls than LFCC, there did seem to be more variety. Sure, we have been spoiled the last few years with the awesome guests like Sean Astin, Margot Kidder, Lance Henrikson etc however we both felt that without the higher profile guests we had a more personal experience with the guests this year and got more time with them. We were both unsure whether to attend this year but we enjoyed it just as much, everyone we met was lovely and the crew were great. The day is what you make it. Having said all that I look forward to SM announcing some huge amazing guests next year to highten the GFCC profile.....Rory McCann would be a good start Thanks SM for another great year
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    I spoke to some vendors I bought some items off and they said is was quieter than usual probably due to the poor line up this year and all the cancelations. .This was the first time I have went to Braehead and not have to stand in a big que to get in !!. I have been going to these events since the beginning(before the Film and comic con it was Collectormania and before that it was Memorabilia) and every time there was a great guest. Lance Henriksen a couple of years ago made my day. There is no getting away with it the lack of guests was noticed by many . The atmosphere in the place was great don't get me wrong. Scotland this year was let down and with humble respect to the guests that were there. Met Frazer Hines before and met him again .A real gent and did a great talk. Met Nicola Bryant before and met her again. Great guest. Met Richard Franklin for the first time. Really nice person to meet. And that for me was it. So come on Jason make it up to us for 2018. Looking forward to next year. I hope.
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    I would also like to thank showmasters,crew and cosplayers for another great convention the guests were all really nice,it was quieter than usual but me and my mum,siste,nephew thought it was better too as we could have a good look at the stalls and more time talking to the guests,I would love bigger guests too but I completely understand what might not be a big guest for some might be a massive guest for others and cmk and lfcc are the big cons,I'm looking forward to next year
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    My wife and I would like to thank the cosplayers who were so nice to our son and let him have pictures with them and thanks to great Sm staff who were all helpful. Special thanks to Tamara at the doors who then took him up to meet Tatanka who was also brilliant with Damian all above and beyond your duties it's nice to go somewhere where everybody is so good with someone who has autism. You all have made his first experience at a con worth while we all thank you very much and he can't wait to come back next year, the smile has not left his face all night. Would highly recommend to other parents with autistic children.
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    Hey all, I just wanted to take this time to say thank you for the terrific work you guys/gals do in giving us fans fantastic guests last week I got to meet some amazing people and for all the hard work you all put in be it Jason at Pre Orders/ David on Twitter/ Mods and Admin and all the many staff just want to show some appreciation for your efforts and I hope the people of Glasgow enjoy what looks a terrific event this weekend.
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    Rory McCann would b brilliant but we'll have to wait until he ascends to the Iron Throne. That's my patriotic fantasy for GoT.
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    Yes! Yes! Yes! I would love to meet Jeff Goldblum!
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    Goldblum, Goldblum, Goldblum, Goldblum... Jeff Goldblum, please
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    I have updated my list... Once again, this is a really hard decision! Here is my updated list: 1) Poltergeist (1982) 2) The Forest (2016) 3) The Last Showing (2014) 4) The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas (2008) 5) The Breakfast Club (1985) 6) Pompeii (2014) 7) The Exorcist (1973) 8) The Uninvited (2009) 9) Spider-Man (2002) 10) The Visit (2015)
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    Whilst is does rightly deserve it's place in film rankings, this is your opinion. SM will always pick the identifiers that they think will attract the attention of the majority of attendees. If people don't check IMDB when guests are announced to see if they may have been in something they love that is their choice and their issue if they then miss something.
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    It's all down to personal opinion. Clearly you wanted to meet him for it. Many wouldn't have. It's not like Shawshank has a huge following of collectors etc. Makes sense to me to advertise as Aliens and Star Trek to a convention audience.
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    That is absolutely brilliant Matthew - looks so professional - well done.
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    Well I have to say... I'm pretty thrilled. Last year we were going to divert off our holiday and travel up to Bolton to meet Jenette Goldstein, but the event fell through. Next I discovered she was appearing at an Exeter event, so I booked train tickets.etc and then she cancelled, I lost my money on those unfortunately, and no small amount. This year, we are heading down to Dorset on holiday and it just so happens that we're going on Thursday, it's that neck of the woods, it coincides with Bournemouth Comic Con, AND Jenette is there! But not only that, having already had the opportunity to meet Bishop, Ripley, Hudson and Hicks previously, I can now complete my lineup with Vasquez, Drake and Ferro! I'm very much looking forward to not just that, but also the fact it won't be rammed like London and it will be hopefully a much more relaxed event with more opportunity to speak to the guests. So yes, we'll be there... assuming we can find our way from Dorset to Bournemouth... apparently where we are staying is an hour away!
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    Oh well then there's no need for a poll, the answer is Halloween. It's not close. Easy. Discussion over. End of. Mods lock thread please.
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    Hi Clyde, I was the one on the front door who took you guys up to Tatanka - you're very welcome. I'm glad Damian enjoyed his first con, it was my pleasure to help you guys out. I'm sure we'll be seeing you again!
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    Home from another enjoyable con at Glasgow. We had early entry tickets and once again it was a good choice. Started with a quick nosey around to see where guests were seated. As expected this year it seemed quieter, I assume due to the smaller line up. I admit I was apprehensive about this year for this very reason. However I was so glad I went. I had a great laugh in the Retro Gaming area, struggling to remember combos to try and beat my friend at Street Fighter 2. I met Colette Hiller, Mark Rolston, Jeanette Goldstein as previously planned. All 3 of them were lovely and fantastic to talk too. Colette was a particular highlight taking pictures with everyone (at the time). I also decided on the day to meet Rusty Goffe. Based solely on finding out about his extensive CV. It was a great choice. He is a really nice, funny gentleman. Can't recommend highly enough how much I am so glad I did. I was a bit short for time today so didn't stay for the talks this year. My loss based on previous years. I sometimes think other forum users are too quick to complain about "crap" or lack lustre line ups etc. But it's horses for courses. What might not spark your interest, may be a hero for others etc. I for one am just glad that things like this event happen. Already looking forward to the next one. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!
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    Rowan Atkinson, Geoffrey Rush, Sean Bean, John Cusack is doing American cons atm, David Tennant, Liam Neeson, Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, The Hardy Boys again doing cons atm, Billy Boyd, Kevin Sorbo, There's more i'l like to remember
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    Avery Brooks, Michael Dorn, Colm Meaney, Marc Alaimo and Nicole De Boer would complete my DS9 list :) Robert Picardo, Jeri Ryan, Robert McNeill, Robert Beltran, Kate Mulgrew, Roxann Dawson would do my Voyager cast Not got any Next Gen cast so any of them Enterprise, anyone but Dominic Keating really, already have him.
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    It seems I have changed my mind. Here's the updated list: 1) Alien 2) Aliens 3) The Empire Strikes Back 4) Halloween 5) Back to the Future 6) Back to the Future 2 7) T2: Judgment Day 8) Lord Of the Rings: Return Of The King 9) Spiderman: Homecoming 10) The Dark Night
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    I think some Disney Legends would really bring in a lot of fans. After having some greats like Keith David (The Princess & the Frog) and Alan Tudyk (Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph, Zootopia), I would love to see some more from Classic Disney Movies. Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins) Dick Van Dyke (Bert) Jodi Benson (Ariel the Little Mermaid) Paige O'Hara (Belle) Robby Benson (The Beast) Angela Lansbury (Mrs Potts) Scott Weinger (Aladdin) Linda Larkin (Princess Jasmine) Johnathon Freeman (Jafar) Gilbert Gottfried (Iago) Matthew Broderick (Simba) James Earl Jones (Mufasa) Jeremy Irons (Scar) Whoopi Goldberg (Shenzi) Cheech Marin (Bonzai) Feel free to add to my list if there are some Disney Legends that you'd like to meet.
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