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  1. I agree. My boyfriend and I have been going to Glasgow for years and SM were doing great job building it up but sadly its slipped the last couple of years. We usually have an early bird ticket but given the first photoshoot between us was 3:55pm, there was no point so we just went for general entry. I completely understand that SM have to make every event as great as possible to make it fair but just worried that is being done at the expense or sacrifice of other shows. Plus dont want to risk losing the only Scottish show. The only plus side of the show being quiet was we got a good look at all the stalls and great merchandise for sale. However, if the stallholders dont make a profit, they wont come back either
  2. Apologies if I annoyed you as I can certainly tell from your posts that you are passionate about this which I understand as know what it is like from a disabled perspective. I perhaps wrongly assumed that someone would be getting your VQ ticket for you so i meant that once your number was called you can then be expedited to the front. I was just referring to the queuing for autographs and not how you got to the area.
  3. I sympathise with you Ella and appreciate that you have to go through so much in order to get your wristband but for others this shows that SM are doing their best to make sure that the people getting those wristbands deserve them. Plus am sure the users of these bands are then reassured that everyone who has one, deserves it. However, I can see it from the other perspective and why people criticised. I was at another recent SM event I stood for approx 1 1/4hrs for a guest's autograph and I was 2 from the front and an SM member brought someone with extra assistance and asked if they could be slotted in and I thought 'oh what' but at the same time you dont want to be that person who says no. I think the fairest way is to treat everyone equally and with a VQ ticket and then being expedited to the front when your in the number bracket. I honestly do understand where you are coming from as I have a member of my family with special needs and I know the challenges that come with it and you cant tell from looking at them. However, we treat them wherever possible as a regular person which I think does help them. I think the SM staff do a great job at trying to assist people who need that bit of extra help to make sure they have just as great a day as everyone else. Plus praise to SM for making sure there is the facility or opportunity to provide this extra resource.
  4. I generally found the main Q to be ok and realise it must be difficult to manage the intial insanity of everyone entering the hall at the same time. The only thing i found slighty frustrating and annoying was the fact that my boyfriend and I were queuing on the street before entry into the hall was allowed. When entry was permitted (which would've been nice if this had been when the rain started) and people started to 'filter' through, that was when people started ducking under tape or running pass us as we made our way round. So it ended up that people who had been behind us outside ended up being in front of us in the Q in the hall even though we technically we had been queuing longer than them. I appreciate the staff were shouting not to do this but this didnt have any effect. If the hall had been open for everyone arriving then we would have been queuing in the order we arrived. I understand that this would mean SM having to get more staff or hire the venue longer. It just seems bit unfair for anyone who might be at the very front of the Q and then potentially be passed by others who were further down the Q. I understand its never going to be a perfect system but do agree solid barriers should be in place as i was annoyed at people behind us then being in front due to ducking under the tape. Or even placing security staff at taped bits to try and prevent this. Once inital chaos was over the Q was fine and moved quickly to get into the show. The opportunity to pick up passes on the Thursday was a brilliant idea as my boyfriend was collecting a DP and it definitely saves a lot of time and anxiety. Would be great if SM continued with this and thanks to all the staff and volunteers who do try their best to help everyone and to try and make everyone's experience enjoyable as I realise it is not an easy job.
  5. Result! However, I have a funny feeling my feet may be more knackered than usual by the end of the day! Hopefully it means I get a proper chance to look round all the stalls as well instead of constantly running like a mad person between photo shoots.
  6. I have to say that my photographs were the usual great quality that I have gotten from Cons over the years. Really disappointing if that's not the case for everyone, especially since some guests are expensive, so to spend that money and not get a great picture must be horrible. My boyfriends pictures came out brilliantly as well so we must have been lucky too. I did notice at the photoshoots that when the photographer took the picture, they then looked at the screen on the camera as if they were making sure it was ok???? Although may be the case that not able to tell until the photo is actually printed.
  7. I never saw any on Saturday either but then again if they were at the sales desk, I would not have thought to go there to look as I had already bought everything in advance. There are people usually wondering about at LFCC with them for sale so honestly never thought about the sales desk. Would be cool if you can buy in the store.
  8. I would also like to say that SM did a great job this year. My boyfriend and I did Sunday and we usually do Saturday so not sure how busy the first day had been. Sunday was busy but not mobbed which was a nice change as it meant we could take our time and see all the stalls. We had been at LFCC and we both felt there was more we wanted to buy because we could get into the stalls and even though GFCC has less stalls than LFCC, there did seem to be more variety. Sure, we have been spoiled the last few years with the awesome guests like Sean Astin, Margot Kidder, Lance Henrikson etc however we both felt that without the higher profile guests we had a more personal experience with the guests this year and got more time with them. We were both unsure whether to attend this year but we enjoyed it just as much, everyone we met was lovely and the crew were great. The day is what you make it. Having said all that I look forward to SM announcing some huge amazing guests next year to highten the GFCC profile.....Rory McCann would be a good start Thanks SM for another great year
  9. Hi Rob I think it was someone asking how Dean felt when he heard fans refer to him as 'their Superman' and he said how Christopher Reeve was his and when he hears stories like yours he feels very lucky. Feel sad for you that you missed it but you should be proud and chuffed at the same time that you made an impression
  10. Hi Rob I was at his talk and it was really good and he was quite funny. He definitely did mention you and told your story and about the letter you asked him to sign. You could tell he was moved by it. He even gave you a shout out as he looked around and said 'I don't know if he is in the audience' and said thanks again to you.
  11. That's really unlucky Pinkxxl. It must have just been a case of bad timing as I was VQ 24 and when I went to the signing, he was there first time and I didn't stand very long even though he was chatting to everyone and never felt as though he was rushing through. Anytime I went pass as well he was sitting there so feel really bad for you that you didn't get to meet him.
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