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  1. extremeladders

    Tom Felton photo help.

    I had a line like that on my photo with Jason Isaacs, I showed it to a crew member straight away and was allowed to retake the photo. I was told at the time it was the printer that caused it
  2. extremeladders

    Crew Appreciation

    Was that Saturday afternoon/evening?
  3. extremeladders

    LFCC 2019 - An appreciation.

    Had an amazing three days at LFCC, a huge well done to Jason and the team! Yes there were a few issues with delays (Matthew Lillard shoot being 2 hours late on Saturday) but we just patiently waited and got our photo. These things can’t be helped and it was the only issue we had all weekend we loved every guest we met and really enjoyed the Joe Flanagan talk today. Just wanted to give a shout out to one crew member Andrew (I think that’s his name, big Scottish man). He did an amazing job Saturday afternoon/evening with all the chaos at photo area C. Already can’t wait for LFCC 2020!
  4. extremeladders

    Day Two

    Ian somerhalder is still going in B at the moment, is there a record for the longest photo shoot!
  5. extremeladders

    Matthew Lillard

    Thank you! I forgot to check Facebook
  6. extremeladders

    Matthew Lillard

    Does anybody know when and where his shoot will eventually be? He’s still not started anywhere?
  7. extremeladders

    Autograph prints and pens

    I would like to get a poster signed but it’s a glossy finish (which I wasn’t expecting). I have no knowledge of pens or types, what do you think is the best type or brand to get for a glossy poster? The poster is white background so was thinking black ink for the autographs, thanks
  8. extremeladders

    Next Big Announcement - Friday 7pm

    I was thinking Toy Story 4 is out right now and that’s a big franchise
  9. extremeladders


    This is a brilliant announcement another one for the list
  10. extremeladders

    Answers to FAQ

  11. extremeladders

    Answers to FAQ

    With the pre show pass pickup can you collect the extra help pass as well or does this need to be done on the day of the event? Thanks
  12. extremeladders


    Do you think he is likely to be on a VQ system?
  13. extremeladders

    New Attendees Advice Thread

    Brilliant thank you!
  14. extremeladders

    New Attendees Advice Thread

    I’m considering using the preorder service but I wanted one item signed by two different guests, does anyone know if that’s possible? Thanks :)
  15. extremeladders

    Hand Stamps

    My wife has some anxiety problems so we are usually in the main queue from 6am so she can get VQs. We would probably leave to get food between 9:30 and 10 but we could always wait until a bit later when they have set up. I won’t be queuing for the autographs with her, I will be doing the photo shoots thank everyone for your help