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  1. extremeladders


    Do you think he is likely to be on a VQ system?
  2. extremeladders

    New Attendees Advice Thread

    Brilliant thank you!
  3. extremeladders

    New Attendees Advice Thread

    I’m considering using the preorder service but I wanted one item signed by two different guests, does anyone know if that’s possible? Thanks :)
  4. extremeladders

    Hand Stamps

    My wife has some anxiety problems so we are usually in the main queue from 6am so she can get VQs. We would probably leave to get food between 9:30 and 10 but we could always wait until a bit later when they have set up. I won’t be queuing for the autographs with her, I will be doing the photo shoots thank everyone for your help
  5. extremeladders

    Hand Stamps

    Hello :) Need a bit of advice and wasn't sure where to post this but here goes, My wife is an EXTREMELY fussy eater (it drives me a bit mad sometimes!) but she finally found a place outside the Olympia building (franks sandwich bar) that she likes, thank god! The only issue is we queue much earlier than they open, by the time they do open it’s very difficult for one of us to get out the queue to go and get something. What I would like to know is once we are inside the main building at 9am can I get my hand stamped, go and get food and then come straight back in without going through the huge queue? My wife gets lots of autos so that’s why we need to get there early so she can get low numbers.
  6. extremeladders


    I found it! He’s showing in the Friday section but his photo does say Saturday
  7. extremeladders


    I can’t see him on eventbrite to book a ticket yet, any idea when it will be added? :)
  8. extremeladders

    Guest suggestions for DST 2019

    Ds9: Avery Brooks, Marc Alaimo and Colm Meaney would pretty much fill my list. Voyager: John De Lancie, Roxann Dawson, Robert McNeill, Robert Beltran, Robert Picardo, many Roberts to pick from :) NextGen: Of course Patrick Stewart, Flakey Frakes, Brent Spiner, Levar Burton ReBoot: Karl Urban, Zach Quinto, Chris Pine etc
  9. Absolutely fantastic, more snooker guests please!
  10. extremeladders

    Guest Suggestions

    Would love the snooker gang that visited a few years back, missed that con unfortunately so only have Ronnie so far.
  11. extremeladders

    Latest Guest Announcement- Kate Mulgrew

    Photo shoot booked!
  12. extremeladders

    Guest interactions.

    I enjoyed all the guest interactions I had during the event, even if they were small during Paul wesleys shoot all the printers run out of ink and paper at the same time so some of us had to go back round for another photo, when he realised this he said "oh no, you've all got to do another one, what a shame" we all laughed because none of us were disappointed and he knew it! Paige was doing the funniest of poses on Saturday! It was even funnier to watch the photographers reaction to them and I don't think I will get the image of Jason Momoa dancing in his photo shoot out of my head for a while During my autograph with him I had a Stargate Atlantis picture signed, I told him that I loved him in that show and he said "yeah it was a lot of fun to film" and then smiled at me when my partner had his photo shoot with him, jason said "cool shirt" and then made sure not to cover it in the photo But I think the most memorable moment of the con was Saturday mid day, I was waiting in Jason Momoas auto queue (for my dp auto) when he walked passed us, music blaring with a group of women following him giggling and trying to take pictures
  13. extremeladders

    The “Thank You” Thread

    Just want to say a huge thankyou to showmasters and to every member of the crew we encountered on Saturday. My partner and I managed 9 photo shoots each on Saturday as well as my Dp autograph with Jason Momoa this was our fifth LFCC con in a row and I have no complaints whatsoever! I had a bad clash during the afternoon which was further complicated by David Bradley's shoot not starting on time, however all the crew where fantastic and helpful and I made it to each shoot. In particular the very loud Scottish guy in photo area G in the morning was great! I think everyone in the building could hear what batch he was calling and the guy running photo area D (around 4pm for jewel Staite) was so organised it was great! Overall we had an amazing time and cannot wait until next years LFCC! Although we've got destination Star Trek first! xx
  14. extremeladders


    I was just wondering if it is possible to upgrade from a 3 day entry to a commander package? :) thanks x