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  1. Welcome back Katy. A lovely guest. Last time she was there I must have spent about 20 mins chatting
  2. Well done Showmasters . Derren Nesbitt. Wow !
  3. Well done Showmasters a great guest. Can't wait.
  4. Really well done to Colin Baker. His talk was excellent. "
  5. kanner

    Guest Cancellation - Katy Manning

    A very good and sincere guest missed very much at this event. Hope to see her next year.
  6. kanner

    next years dates

    I honestly do hope Film And Comic Con will return 2019.
  7. Great guest. Looking forward to meeting her again.
  8. kanner

    Guest Suggestions

    Paul McGann, Milton Johns, Michael Jayston, Any Battlestar Galactica stars, Film director John Glen, David Warner, Clive Russell, Fraser Hines, David Bradley (You maybe A doctor but I am THE doctor) And from The Prisoner.....Annette Andre, Jane Merrow, Derren Nesbett. Denis Lawson ,Guy Henry ,Anthony Daniels(would need a bigger venue for Anthony Daniels alone). I could go on and on but I will leave it there for now.
  9. Wow ! Katy Manning. Met her before at this venue. Well done Showmasters .A brilliant guest and a joy to meet.
  10. kanner

    Thanks Showmasters

    I spoke to some vendors I bought some items off and they said is was quieter than usual probably due to the poor line up this year and all the cancelations. .This was the first time I have went to Braehead and not have to stand in a big que to get in !!. I have been going to these events since the beginning(before the Film and comic con it was Collectormania and before that it was Memorabilia) and every time there was a great guest. Lance Henriksen a couple of years ago made my day. There is no getting away with it the lack of guests was noticed by many . The atmosphere in the place was great don't get me wrong. Scotland this year was let down and with humble respect to the guests that were there. Met Frazer Hines before and met him again .A real gent and did a great talk. Met Nicola Bryant before and met her again. Great guest. Met Richard Franklin for the first time. Really nice person to meet. And that for me was it. So come on Jason make it up to us for 2018. Looking forward to next year. I hope.
  11. kanner

    this years Auction

    Last years silent auction .Say an item was £40 and there were no more bids written down on the sheet for the item.At the end of play one of the folk running it shouts out "Any advance on £40 " Should this happen.Its supposed to be a silent auction.
  12. kanner

    Guest Suggestions 2015

    Craig T Nelson would be a great guest. Along with Michael Ironside and Anthony Zerbe.
  13. Wonder if the silent auction will return. Spent a good bit on it last year. Leonard Nimmoy signed photo .Peter Capaldi signed photo. Will be giving it a wide berth this year . Unless....................
  14. kanner

    Great guest list so far

    Yes ,Shaping up great. Hope no late cancellations.