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  1. Would be a missed opportunity if Burt Ward does not get announced!
  2. Its the 20th anniversary of Buffy so I am expecting Charisma and Julie to be popular. Gazza was busy at the last Collectomania as well.
  3. Looking at Jason's announcement for this event he said they were planning on having 70+ guests. At my count there is currently 66 attending so I am hoping to see more last minute guests added to the line up Edit: Ignore this there is already over 70. I didn't include the wrestling and cosplay guests!
  4. Yep same here Saturday is going to be my busiest event ever! Just getting the autographs. I doubt I would have the time to get photos as well!
  5. My updated list after the latest round of guest announcements. Now got a total of twelve guests I am hoping to get autographs from. Never had this many at one event before! Is it possible to see them all on the Saturday using VQ tickets? Only time will tell! Alyson Hannigan Adam West Bernard Cribbins Alexis Denisof John Cleese Steven Yeun Emily Kinney David Morrissey Adrienne King Robbi Morgan Marc Blucas Jeremy Bulloch
  6. Another one for my growing Buffy autograph collection
  7. I am a big Carry On fan so will definitely be getting a signed photo from either Jack or Spying
  8. Holy bank balance! What a cool guest announcement. Now just need Burt Ward!
  9. Awesome can't wait to meet her! Is a guest I never thought I would have the chance to cross off my wish list
  10. Leslie Phillips
  11. Out of the guests I am planning on meeting at London I would have to say John Cleese. I have watched Fawlty Towers countless times over the years and would never have dreamed that I will be getting the chance to meet the legend himself.
  12. I highly recommend They have a good range of acid free sleeves and files. I ordered from them a few months ago as an alternative to Time Care and Franks Autographs and was happy with my order.
  13. After watching the awesome Tyler Bate v Pete Dunne match at last nights NXT takeover Chicago. It would be great to meet them and other WWE UK wrestlers such as Trent Seven and Mark Andrews. I know that WWE don't usually allow their active wrestling talent to appear at UK conventions but this could be different. It would be great way for them to promote the companies upcoming weekly UK show.
  14. Had to google this as well haven't heard of Cheshunt before! Bit out of the way for me to get there. Good luck with the event though. Nice to see a different area being used!
  15. There is already a guest suggestions topic in the LFCC forum. You would be better off posting in there.