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  1. Bit of a random question but does anyone know what Showmasters do with the 8x10 guest photos which are left over once an event has finished? Do they keep them incase the guest comes back for a future event or get rid of them (which would be a shame as they usually have a good selection). I think myself they should try to sell them either unsigned at the next event or online. Or maybe if they are feeling really generous give them away once the guest has left for the day!
  2. Would love to meet The Angels!
  3. The new Wonder Woman film will be released the same week as Collectormania. Please try and get the original Lynda Carter. It would make a great tie in!
  4. I thought I would start this topic seeing as there is one for London. I will be getting autographs from - Charisma Carpenter Julie Benz Sarah Butler Christian
  5. My revised list now that Linda Blair has cancelled - John Cleese Steven Yeun Emily Kinney David Morrissey Adrienne King Robbi Morgan Marc Blucas Jeremy Bulloch
  6. David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst for either London or Collectormania
  7. AJ Lee and CM Punk
  8. With Linda Blair cancelling we need another well known name to fill the void. My suggestions would be Bruce Campbell, Brad Dourif, Matthew Lillard, Sarah Michelle Gellar or Jennifer Love Hewitt.
  9. Unless the original post got edited SM didn't say 'big guest announcement' (which I am glad about as everyone as a different view on what a big name is) but said exciting instead.
  10. Really been spoilt with TWD guest announcements! Can't wait to meet him!
  11. Some video game voice actors please from games like Resident Evil, Uncharted and The Last Of Us
  12. Not a guest that I am personally interested in but it's great to see SM announce someone from TV shows which are before the 90s. It doesn't happen very often (except for Dr Who). Hopefully she will prove to be popular and we get some more.
  13. Nice one! Now how about also getting Edge for a five second pose for those with the benefit of flash photography?