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  1. He was one for my maybe list as I have already met him before. Hopefully he will get announced for next years Destination Star Trek!
  2. I remember reading on another forum that Mr T apparently has no interest in UK conventions. He has been asked numerous times. Hope it's not true. Would love to meet him, Dwight Schultz, Dirk Benedict and Melinda Culea!
  3. Sonequa Martin-Green would be an awesome guest!
  4. The first guest to cancel who was on my list to meet. SM really need to look at getting at least one replacement Buffy guest. It's a landmark year for the show.
  5. Really sad news. He will always be quite rightly remembered for being a legend of the zombie genre. For me though my favourite film of his is Creepshow.
  6. Mines working again I was starting to think that I had been blocked for some reason lol
  7. Would love to go to this but I am only going on the Saturday
  8. I met Edge last year. I don't recall him having any t-shirts for sale. He was allowing photos at the table and so was Christian at Collectormania.
  9. Some of the cast from upcoming film 'Cult of Chucky' would be great! - Brad Dourif, Fiona Dourif, Jennifer Tilly and Alex Vincent.
  10. Autographs all the way for me. I admit that I am tempted with the idea of a photoshoot but feel that I run the risk of paying for something that I may end up not being happy with. At least with autographs I know what I am getting and with a bit of luck may get my photo with guest at the table.
  11. There's probably a simple answer to this but why can't we just post photos on here hassle free like on Facebook etc?
  12. Austin Aries has been released (bad move WWE!). He would make a great late addition to the wrestling line up!
  13. Hoping for one of the main cast from Big Bang Theory. They have worked with Wil Wheaton.
  14. This really needs to happen next year. It will be the 20th anniversary!
  15. Getting worried about all these things she may or may not sign. I presume she is ok with Baywatch photos with just her on? Hopefully we can get some sort of confirmation from SM on what is ok so to avoid any awkward moments when meeting her!