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Countdown Thread


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21 minutes ago, wjbleming said:

There's no way you're 35! Happy birthday, but you look so much younger!

Oh my word thank you that's really kind of you but believe me there's a reason that's my profile pic if you saw my other photo ops you'd think differently ;) x

27 minutes ago, Wrong Name said:

Ha! You are older than me! I hit that milestone at the end of next month.

Happy Birthday! 

Thank you! Oh really? I would have guessed 5 years younger, share your beauty secrets!!

10 minutes ago, VikingGrrrl said:

Happy birthday!! :drunk:


8 minutes ago, R4wly97 said:

@Broo Happy birthday! :band:

@VikingGrrrl (haha is that smiley you young'un propping up this forum ancient ;) ) and @R4wly97 thank you both! :) xx

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9 minutes ago, Raylenth said:

We could just laugh at the young people who have no savings or pension plans and who still get carded at the shops



It’s scary trying to get into bars when you know everyone thinks you’re 14!

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2 hours ago, R4wly97 said:

@Broo Haha I feel old at 20 though haha I’m 21 next month then I’ll be ancient! :lol:

Sooner than you think you’ll find yourself in your late twenties and you’ll be wondering, “how did this happen?” :(

Enjoy it while you can :P

Also, happy belated birthday @Broo :lol: Do you feel any wiser now? ;)

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2 minutes ago, Broo said:

Alcohol, it truly is the solution to all life's problems. G&Ts every night from here on in!

I will let you into a secret.


Alcohol is scummy and tastes like the devils pee pee

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