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Guest Suggestions

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richard roundtree (george of the jungle)

levar burton (star trek, roots)

ian & michael mcshane

sarah natochenny (pokemon)

toby froud (labyrinth)

ben turner (casualty, doctor who)

tim bentinck (fantastic beasts, dr who)

bern collaco (star wars, girl with the dragon tattoo, fantastic beasts)

ric reid (reign, psi factor, goosebumps)

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malachi kirby (roots, fallen, dr who)

paul willson (cheers, star trek)

greg berg (transformers, toy story)

jim lau (the hangover, the walking dead)

sally stevens (the simpsons, true blood, star wars)

denice kumagai (godzilla, gilmore girls)

george takei (star wars, mulan)

david crosby (hook, the west wing)

paul anka (gilmore girls, the fall guy)

michael buffer (sportsman, creed)

john waters (hairspray, 21 jump street, my name is earl)

bobcat goldthwait (lilo and stitch, hercules, csi)

brendan fraser (the mummy, bedazzled)

steven weber (ncis, house of lies)

tom arnold (cradle 2 the grave, true lies)

pat o'brien (scooby doo, the mindy project)

nancy o'dell (90210, scream)

diedrich bader (napoleon dynamite, ice age)

charlie rose (batman vs superman, breaking bad)

leeza gibbons (robocop, superman)

tom savini (dawn of the dead, django unchained)

carmen electra (scary movie, starsky and hutch)

lenny kravitz (the hunger games, zoolander)

burt ward (batman)

david l. lander (scary movie, a bug's life)

helen fielding (bridget jones)

weird al yankovic (weird al show, galavant)

jonathan taylor thomas (the lion king, smallville)

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Casper Van Dien (Starship troopers)

Dina Meyer(Starship troopers)

Denise Richards(STARSHIP troopers)

Jake Busey (STARSHIP troopers)

Seth Gillian (STARSHIP troopers)

Michael Ironside (STARSHIP troopers)

Clancy Brown (STARSHIP troopers)

Patrick Muldoon (STARSHIP troopers)

Neil Patrick Harris (STARSHIP troopers)

Carl Weathers (Rocky)

Brigitte Nielsen (Rocky 4)

Burt Young (Rocky)

Sylvester Stallone (Rocky)

Talia Shire (Rocky)

James Nesbitt (Cold Feet, Lucky Man)

Rob Schneider (The Animal, Hot Chick, Adam Sandler movies)

Dean Cain (The Adventures of Lois and Clark)

Tony Todd (Candyman)

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Guy Henry (Harry Potter - and the Deathly Hallows [where he played Minister of Magic Pius Thicknesse], hes also been in Star Wars spin off - Roage One. Not forgetting Holby City and some other shows.

Sarah Louise Maddison (weeping angel in Dr Who)

Mattew Doman (Cyberman and yellow dalek Dr Who) the 

Jerome Flynn (Ripper Street, Game of Thornes plus more)

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marc silk (star wars)

tom clarke hill (fantastic beasts, tony the tiger)

davood ghadami (john carter)

nick hobbs (rogue one, dr who)

robin parkinson (allo allo, button moon)

sandra dickinson (button moon, hitchhikers guide to galaxy)

tim bentinck (fantastic beasts, dr who)

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For Me:

Warwick Davis, Evannah Lynch, Mellisa George, David Bradley, Peal Mackie, Matthew Lewis, Nina Young, Ian Hart, Hatty Hayridge.

For the Wife:

Michael Sheen, Chris Barrie, Jason Mamoa, Mark Williams, Sean Maguire, Robert Carlyle, Jamie Dornan, Patrick Mower, Rhys Ifans, Rob Brydon.

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Zack McGowan (Black Sails)

Shane Rhangi (Spartacus)

Barry Duffield (Spartacus)

Tom Burke (Musketeers)

Ryan Gage (Musketeers)

Howard Charles (Musketeers)

John Berthnal (Punisher)

Robert Carlyle (Once Upon a time)

Emilie de Ravin (Once upon a time)

Colin O'Donoghue (Once Upon a time)

Daniel Gillies (Originals)

Nathan Parsons (Originals)

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I would love to see a return of david hasslehoff. Warwick davies would be excellent. Welsh football and rugby players eg joe allan or leigh halfpenny or older halfpenny. Ruth jones or someone from stella/gavin and stacey. Kevin mcnally-mr gibbs from pirates of the caribbean. Julian glover, peter davison, Johnny depp, daisy ridley, Adam driver, john boyega, tom kenny definitely! And mayby karl urban

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Sylvester McCoy (Doctor Who/ Sense 8/ The Hobbit)

Sophie Alfred (Doctor Who)

Bonnie Langford ( Doctor Who)

India Fisher (Master chef/ Doctor Who)

Robert Lewelyn ( Red Dwarf/ Mirror Mask)

Ingrid Oliver (Doctor Who)

Adrienne Barbeau (The Fog)

Heather Langenkamp (Elm Street)

Danielle Harris (Halloween)

Lisa Well (Gilmore girls)


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Here to suggest some guests! I think it'd be really cool to get the cast of Torchwood in!! Since it's Cardiff after all?! So that's:

Eve Myles

Kai Owen

Burn Gorman

Naoko Mori

Gareth David-Lloyd

John Barrowman 

And maybe even Russell T Davies would be an interesting person to have there too! I'm sure loads of people would love to meet them!!

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brigitte millar (spectre, harry potter)

charles augins (labyrinth, red dwarf)

erick hayden (spectre, fantastic beasts)

derek horsham (spectre, game of thrones)

jenny agutter (avengers assemble, an american in london, call the midwife)

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1 hour ago, vernusmaximus said:

With the con this week, will there be any more announcements? With Gethin cancelled I am down to two guests, and a weekend ticket. Lesson learned for future. One day is enough.

As it always is Vernus, guests can be announced up to and during the event itself but they won't comment before contracts are signed.  So basically, it's always possible but don't read that as 'probable'

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