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  1. I'm excited about LFACC as always, but to hear there are three amazing guests still to be announced is both thrilling, and scary to my bank balance. With all the talk about these guests being legendary, it has crossed my mind that one or more from the stellar Pulp Fiction cast might be a possibility as it celebrates it's 25th anniversary this year. How amazing would that be! Most of the Pulp Fiction cast have crossed over with other fan friendly films and tv series. A bit of wishful thinking. :-)
  2. Isn't this the same chap who played Celestine Tavernier in the early days of EastEnders?
  3. I'm always curious about these things. I love how the event is spread over the different floors making it more comfortable, and with it's vast size, it's sometimes hard to fathom how busy it is as an attendee. I had a busy photo/signing schedule over 3 days, so this time did not see much else outside of these areas, and barely touched dealer tables. Has it been posted already? If so, sorry for a repeat post. Had top weekend though.
  4. With the con this week, will there be any more announcements? With Gethin cancelled I am down to two guests, and a weekend ticket. Lesson learned for future. One day is enough.
  5. If the early Thursday pickup goes ahead again, could it please be possible to pickup the prints/mugs, etc early also?
  6. My rule of thumb for buying autographs is to see if the dealers are UACC or AFTAL registered dealers. Those that are, will quite rightly promote their name with this fact. Celebrity Ink I believe, are registered dealers with both UACC and AFTAL. If I see dealers who do not share their company name or info, I walk on by.
  7. Met all four on Friday and had a great time with them all. Four fun, friendly people. David in particular was brilliant. He spotted my Killing Joke (band) t-shirt before I even got to his table, and we had a great chat about the band as he roadied for them in the States years back, and knows them well. Four great characters in life - all very different as well. Made my day meeting them, and then getting the group photo at the end of Sunday.
  8. Under these circumstances would there be any issue with me giving my TWD commentary ticket to a friend? I am too old to be running around like that, so would rather sacrifice the commentary.
  9. Hi, I have a clash last thing Sunday, and would be grateful for any advice as to how to resolve it. I have TWD Cast Commentary on Main Stage from 17:00 to 18:00 but also have - Sons of Anarchy Group Photo in Car Area from `17:05 to 17:50 and Louise Jameson Photo in Photo D at 17:45 It's hardly worth trying to get from Car Area to Main Stage and potentially having to leave within minutes for Photo D. Thanks for any help with this.
  10. With Carrere and Pelphrey cancelling I treated myself to a Dormer diamond.
  11. I don't mind admitting, I've gone mad this year, and really gone for it. Rare for me to do this many photos, but am starting to enjoy them more in recent years. Pretty sure I can achieve most of it, but will need some planning/juggling when the schedules come out. Photo Ops - Emily Kinney Photo Op Fri Batch A Alica Witt Photo Op Fri Batch A Tia Carrere Photo Op Fri Batch A Sacha Dhawan Photo Op Fri Batch A Jessica Henwick Photo Op Fri Finn Jones Photo Op Sat [D] John Cleese Photo Op Sat [D] Conleth Hill Photo Op Sat [D] Wai Ching Ho Photo Op Sat Tom Pelphrey Photo O
  12. Looking forward to this as I have never been to a live commentary before. It will be a nice way to finish off the third day of the weekend.
  13. What a shame. Too much censorship in the outside world as it is. Have begrudgingly edited my post as I believe in freedom, and dislike petty censorship.
  14. A little late saying hello, but hello to all. I'm Nigel, a middle aged geek in his second half century, but with diverse interests. First cons were 1978/79 Doctor Who Panopticon weekends. After that it was not until a Watford collector's event in 1999 meeting Colin Baker, Jason Carter and others that I discovered I really wanted to collect autographs, and quite liked con life. Have attended many other cons I cannot mention as we are not grown up enough to talk about their existence, and started getting into the Showmasters events with a Sportsmania at MK, before LFACC in 2015, last year, and t
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