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  1. Autographcollector

    Guest Suggestions

    For Me: Warwick Davis, Evannah Lynch, Mellisa George, David Bradley, Peal Mackie, Matthew Lewis, Nina Young, Ian Hart, Hatty Hayridge. For the Wife: Michael Sheen, Chris Barrie, Jason Mamoa, Mark Williams, Sean Maguire, Robert Carlyle, Jamie Dornan, Patrick Mower, Rhys Ifans, Rob Brydon.
  2. Autographcollector

    Autographs aquired in 2018

    The wonderful Tara Fitzgerald
  3. Autographcollector

    Autograph in 2017

    My new autographs are: Rita Simons, Bill Ward, Jessie Wallace, Paul Bradley, Andy Townsend, 8 new all blacks rugby players. Paul Bradley was Nigel in Eastenders but an original crew member on Red Dwarf!
  4. Autographcollector

    Autograph in 2017

    My latest Autographs are: Teresa Palmer (Hacksaw Ridge, Point Break, Sourcerer's Apprentice), Richard Mylan (Waterloo Road, Bad Girls), Denise Black (corrie & emmerdale), John Rhys Davies (LOTR, Living Daylights, Indiana Jones), Vicky McClure (Broadchurch, Line of Duty, This is England) - Had photos with John Rhys Davies, Peter Capaldi, Charlotte Church and Steffan Rhodri (harry potter, gavin & Stacey) - All at Welsh Bafta Awards in Cardiff. Joseph Marcell at Cardiff Comic Con. Andy Townsend at the Wales v Rep of Ire game.
  5. Met him today, chatted to him and was great. Recommend you meet him.
  6. Autographcollector

    Harry Potter Car at Cardiff

    Thanks for letting us know the car was a no show.
  7. Autographcollector

    Harry Potter Car at Cardiff

    Pity we haven't got a harry potter guest to go with the car!!
  8. Autographcollector

    Guest Suggestions

    For myself: Any Harry Potter, Michael Sheen, some wrestlers, game of thrones. For my Wife: Jerome Flynn, Rob Brydon, Any x-men/transformers, Any twilight.
  9. Autographcollector

    Autograph in 2017

    What is the most you have paid for an autograph - mine is: £15 for Danny John Jules and Clive Russell
  10. Autographcollector

    Autograph in 2017

    Please.... Mine are: Arthur Bostrum - Officer Crabtree in Allo Allo, Elizabeth Elvin - Hot Fuzz, Shaun Williamson - Eastenders, Charlie Condou - Coronation St, Clive Russell - Game of Thrones, James Holmes - Miranda, Jason Donovan, Sue Holderness - Only fools & horses (marlene), Matt Terry, Emily Middlemass & 5 after midnight - X Factor, Shinedown - US rock band.
  11. Autographcollector

    Autograph in 2017

    Tell us who you have met and had autographs from in 2017.
  12. Hi, what is the difference between a collectormainia event and a film & comic con. The last 2 cons I have been to had no comic zones or guests, so why don't they call it film & cosplay con? Thanks.
  13. Autographcollector

    Any Pokemon Go Plans?

    I had 4 10k eggs on the go over the weekend and hatched: 2 Elekids 1 Chansey 1 Magby There are two nests near my works: Pikachu & Doduo. Just need: Kabutops (kabuto is my buddy), Cleffa, Togepic, Kanghastan, Tauros, and Farfetch'd. Says in my pokedex caught 147.
  14. Autographcollector

    Any Pokemon Go Plans?

    My pokedex says seen 150 caught 145. Says I seen an elekid but I thought you can only hatch them?? Only missing a kanghastan, tauros, kabutops, farfetch'd, chansey, cleffa, elekid & smoochum and the evolved form of togepi. Caught a krabby today with cp of 1001 and evolved it to 2020. My best pokemon are: Dragonite 2939, Gyarados 2815, Vaporeon 2694, Snorlax 2554, Flareon 2438, Golem 2262, Rhydon 2181, Jolteon 2134, Pinsir 2047, Vaporeon 2047, Kingler 2020, Machamp 2013, Charizard 2004, Jynx 2004, Muk 1952, Kingler 1946, Arcanine 1926, Snorlax 1921, Alakazam 1920, Dragonite 1882, Lapras 1880, Snorlax 1879, Exeggutor 1877, Gengar 1865, Nikoking 1842, Clefable 1826. I am still on Level 29 - just over half way. Kabuto is my buddy.
  15. Autographcollector

    Any Pokemon Go Plans?

    I am one away from my first charizard. Got 2 Pichu's and 1 Togepi and 1 Igglybuff. Got a 10k on the go so fingers crossed. Not missing many now only Kabutops, charizard, farfetch'd, chansey, Kangaskhan, tauros and the new baby pokemon: magby and Cleffa. Here's hoping they release more soon. Still on level 29.