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    Guest Suggestions

    For me I would love more of the Cobra Kai cast/Karate Kid Especially William Zabka Ralph Macchio Xolo MaridueƱa Tanner Buchanan Mary Mouser Jacob Bertrand Gianni Decenzo Martin Kove And of course - Elisabeth Shue!!!!
  2. daveprince37


    Yeah, I know - glad I'll be getting their scribbles anyway. Just gotta think about the individual pictures now (I've already got them booked with Zabka and Kove)
  3. daveprince37


    Gutted that the group photo is Sunday Only - which is strange as all 4 are appearing on the 3 days but the group photo is only on the Sunday - oh well... such a shame... You're not getting my money this time. As I am unable to attend 2 days (I'm going on the Friday). Hopefully they will appear somewhere again.
  4. daveprince37

    Guest Suggestions

    Seeing as they are in the London Comic Con in July - Could we possibly have William Zabka & Martin Kove - or any of the main/recurring cast of Cobra Kai/Karate KId?
  5. daveprince37


    Hopefully there will be a chance to have a group photo with William Zabka and Martin Kove!
  6. daveprince37

    Guest Suggestions

    Cobra Kai William Zabka Ralph Macchio Xolo MaridueƱa Tanner Buchanan Mary Mouser Martin Kove Chocky Carol Drinkwater Andrew Ellams Zoe Hart Anabel Worrell Prentis Hancock Glynis Brooks
  7. daveprince37

    Guest Suggestions

    I would be very happy to see Prentis Hancock & David Collings in Cardiff? Just to get Prentis & Jeremy Bulloch to sign my Chocky Print. And David to sign my Look and Read:Dark Towers book. Also if Peter Mayhew were to be there I'd get him to sign the book as well.
  8. daveprince37

    Guest Suggestions

    Prentis Hancock David Collings Michael French - would be great with Chloe Annett (Crime Traveller) Stephen Moyer Jack Davenport Sarah Alexander Ben Miles Richard Coyle Simon Pegg
  9. daveprince37

    Guest suggestions

    David Tennant John Barrowman Catherine Tate Billie Piper Eve Myles Matt Smith Karen Gillan Arthur Darvill Jack Davenport Richard Coyle Gina Bellman Sarah Alexander Kate Isitt Ben Miles Richard Mylan Sheridian Smith Georgia Moffatt Paul McGann Corey Feldman Brad Dourif Ed Gale (Chucky/Howard the Duck) Lea Thompson
  10. daveprince37

    Guest Suggestions

    I personally would love to see any of the following... Bernard Cribbins Paul McGann Tom Baker Dan Starkey Neve McIntosh
  11. daveprince37

    Latest Guest Announcement - Sylvester McCoy

    any news on this? just had a look on the another event website and it looks like he's appearing there... oh well - the mighty dollar wins!
  12. Hi there, I am just wondering what is the deal with the Comic Artists? for example how much do they charge for a signiture, or if they drawn a piece there - or do they charge individually for the pieces of art etc? For example - I would like Mike Collins to sign my 'Only Good Dalek' graphic novel and maybe get a piece of his artwork? Cheers...
  13. daveprince37

    Latest Guest Announcement - ROBERT ENGLUND

    a friend of mine is going and looking to get his autograph on his arm (underneath his Freddy tattoo) and a mobile tattooist will be going with him and tattoo-ing it there and then...
  14. daveprince37

    Torchwood tour on Sat night

    any news on this and any Torchwood Guests? oh and prices?