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  1. 'Fraid I'm gonna be retiring from this forum (for the time being), It just takes a tremendous amount of effort on my part to come up with posts and to make sure they actually don't impede the guidelines and rules. Furthermore I feel my some of my posts are being misunderstood by other forum users so therefore I will not post as much.
  2. We need more David Tennant in the UK!!!
  3. Since he is the only doctor I need to complete my menagerie of classic doctors I may just turn up at LFCC Spring.
  4. Means there should be a great abundance of bond guests at next year's event.
  5. Just seen the preview clip to the first episode 'the woman who fell to earth' and I have to say the show is in great hands. A woman doctor has been long overdue in my opinion glad to see it finally happening.
  6. I've seen pictures from forum users showing Costas giving out hugs, seems like a great guy.
  7. Really enjoying hearing about all your amazing guest experiences its nice to know you can have your day made by meeting your heroes.
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