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  1. Zack McGowan (Black Sails) Shane Rhangi (Spartacus) Barry Duffield (Spartacus) Tom Burke (Musketeers) Ryan Gage (Musketeers) Howard Charles (Musketeers) John Berthnal (Punisher) Robert Carlyle (Once Upon a time) Emilie de Ravin (Once upon a time) Colin O'Donoghue (Once Upon a time) Daniel Gillies (Originals) Nathan Parsons (Originals)
  2. I took it out. Sorry I didn't mean to break any rules just felt a bit frustrated by the whole thing. Hopefuly they will announce some new ones soon :/
  3. I'm guessing with the date coming up fast we wont be getting anymore guests announced. I know it's said they could be announced right up to the day but I'm a little dissapointed this year with showmasters. They do an amazing job normally but i wrote in both through email and on the guest suggestion page to say I had been in direct contact with certain people and they were available to come to the con? But nothing come of it? I'm not having a go i guess i am just frustrated with trying to help. Especially when it is people who i would like to meet and said they were willing too!
  4. Would love to have the chance to meet; Tom Burke Ryan Gage Howard Charles Alexander Vlahos Shane Rangi Barry Duffield Kim Coates François Arnaud Danny Dyer Tom Payne Ryan Hurst Marc Warren Milo Ventimiglia Billy Burke Daniel Newman Ruth Jones Maimie Mccoy Alexandra Dowling Lili Simmons A few of these have said they would love to come! It would make my day just to get one name off this list. Daniel Newman and Shane Rangi has confirmed their free around the time the comi
  5. Could we have some welsh guests? Ruth Jones Rhys Ifans Johnathan Rhys Davies Siwan Morris Jonathan Pryce Eve Myles And some not so welsh guests but equally awesome! I would love if Tom Burke could come seen as he had to cancel last year. Tom Burke Ryan Gage Maimie McCoy Aaron Stanford Shane Rangi Barry Duffield Emily Hampshire Aidan Turner Peter Facinelli Dustin Clare Holly Marie Coombs Charles Eston Jonathan Jackson Not technically an actor but maybe Nathan Massey and Michael Van Wijk?
  6. Is there any chance we could try and get Tom Burke for this March? As he had to cancel last year? Tom Payne Danny Dyer Zach McGowan Michael Rooker Sylvester Stapleton Trieste Kelly Dunn Dustin Clare
  7. Could we get Tom Burke? I've heard he's interested in coming and he had to cancel in March :/
  8. Oh good idea! I'd be quite happy with just Tom Burke
  9. Athosgirl


    Oh my. I used to love this TV show. The theme tune would give me goosebumps. I still have the videos of the series somewhere :$
  10. Ì know sorry they were just announced so late it couldn't have been a suggestions earlier. Doesn't matter anyway xx
  11. Would love to get Tom Burke seen as he had to cancel March x Santiago Cabrera Howard Charles Ryan Gage Shane Rhangi Dustin Clare Tom Riley or any of the DaVinci's Demons cast Danny Dyer Zach McGowan
  12. Shame Tom cancelled. Wonder if they will do a photo shoot with all three of them?
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