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  1. Guest Suggestions

    Could we have some welsh guests? Ruth Jones Rhys Ifans Johnathan Rhys Davies Siwan Morris Jonathan Pryce Eve Myles And some not so welsh guests but equally awesome! I would love if Tom Burke could come seen as he had to cancel last year. Tom Burke Ryan Gage Maimie McCoy Aaron Stanford Shane Rangi Barry Duffield Emily Hampshire Aidan Turner Peter Facinelli Dustin Clare Holly Marie Coombs Charles Eston Jonathan Jackson Not technically an actor but maybe Nathan Massey and Michael Van Wijk? Thank you! Xoxox
  2. Guest Suggestions

    Is there any chance we could try and get Tom Burke for this March? As he had to cancel last year? Tom Payne Danny Dyer Zach McGowan Michael Rooker Sylvester Stapleton Trieste Kelly Dunn Dustin Clare
  3. Guest Suggestions

    Could we get Tom Burke? I've heard he's interested in coming and he had to cancel in March :/
  4. Guest Suggestions

    Oh good idea! I'd be quite happy with just Tom Burke
  5. Bugs

    Oh my. I used to love this TV show. The theme tune would give me goosebumps. I still have the videos of the series somewhere :$
  6. a heartfelt thankyou!

    I second this
  7. Ì know sorry they were just announced so late it couldn't have been a suggestions earlier. Doesn't matter anyway xx
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Would love to get Tom Burke seen as he had to cancel March x Santiago Cabrera Howard Charles Ryan Gage Shane Rhangi Dustin Clare Tom Riley or any of the DaVinci's Demons cast Danny Dyer Zach McGowan
  9. Shame Tom cancelled. Wonder if they will do a photo shoot with all three of them?
  10. Invites to Guests

    Ok thanks Queen x
  11. I have actually spoken to Howard Charles on instagram and he said he hasn't been contacted by showmasters but he would love to come. Is there any chance someone could send him an invite? I know Ryan Gage was interested too. I know not all the guest suggestions can be sent invitea. I was just wondering if there was some sort of system to it? But i'm willing to send you the message if you would like to see what he said as proof