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  1. Guy Henry (Harry Potter - and the Deathly Hallows [where he played Minister of Magic Pius Thicknesse], hes also been in Star Wars spin off - Roage One. Not forgetting Holby City and some other shows. Sarah Louise Maddison (weeping angel in Dr Who) Mattew Doman (Cyberman and yellow dalek Dr Who) the Jerome Flynn (Ripper Street, Game of Thornes plus more)
  2. Is it bad that I actually recognise Daniel from Due South (a show I still love to watch now, even if I've seen the episodes a billion times) and an episode of Air Crash Investigation (which I'm addicted to)
  3. If they got Jerome, I'd have to pull out my Robson and Jerome CD (oh god, I maybe showing my age here). Love Jerome in Ripper Street, I haven't seen him on GOT though.
  4. I am starting to think I wish I was going to the football now (my team play Cardiff City), only friends and an acting friend are the ones that I am looking forward to meeting over the week. Disappointed, but I think it is what you make of it on the weekend.
  5. Weeping Angel - Sarah Louise Maddison - she is a lovely lady :)
  6. Great guest, I have met Matthew many, many times, and is always warm and welcoming.
  7. James and Oliver Phelps Some monsters/aliens from DW Benedict Cucambatch Elijah Wood I am sure that there are many more......
  8. Sorry about the size, this is one I had done today, of myself, and my knitted version of my parrot, Peaches, I thought to go for something a little different.
  9. My room upstairs - Torchwood - Children of Earth - Day One Living Room - Urban Legends
  10. Thanks for answering my question :).
  11. Is there anything in particular he won't sign re: DVDs/Pictures (last time I went to an event, the guest didnt want certain pictures signed)? im thinking of asking him to sign my Urban Legends DVD, I didnt even realise he was in it until I watched it a few weeks ago, and saw his name in the credits.
  12. Yay, met him a few years ago.... Now could we please have the Phelps twins, that would make it super awesometatsic .
  13. I don't have an account set up . It's ok, I am good at waiting :). Edited to add "Just to let you know, I have found the emails, they were in my junk folder :S
  14. I have ordered the tickets, last night, but I haven't had an email to confirm it, and I lost the order number too. Could you please help me? Who do I email?
  15. Predictable but sad! I'm not going to this, clashes with great things I'm doing.
  16. I had to explain, in the nicest way possible, without sounding sarcastic lol
  17. http://www.flickr.com/photos/miniozi/sets/72157628206234935/ - heres one set of photos from my camera, will be uploading photos from my mums, as soon as I go through the photos.
  18. Dont tell me your the only person in the world who doesnt know about his Scottish/American accent??? Someone on Twitter, didnt realise he was from Scotland, they thought he was American..... I was like, no....
  19. I'll be uploaded mine to Flickr, when I can, so will link later.
  20. It was a great weekend, but the only problem, I had was the hotel, being honest, I sleep better at The Park Inn, then I did here, and the planes wasnt the problem (I love planes, hearing them take off and land). But thats the only gripe I have with the weekend. :)
  21. Just checked mine, and thankfully its ok :).
  22. I got mine yesterday, when I came in, question though..... as the envolope was in my name, and not me mums, yet me mum paid for them, who'd need to show ID to get the tickets on reg. day?
  23. I too would love a Babylon 5 con! Also a Blake's 7 con would be brilliant as well! I agree with Black's 7, that would be awesome!!
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