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  1. Love her in Cute Little Buggers, Amityville Playhouse and best of all was Ouijageist!!!
  2. Burt young.....he isn't actually that young either...
  3. I've been waiting so long for him...but not holding my breath as he's always working and he cancelled last time...but I do hope he does come..
  4. Well Tim Thomerson is still top of my list followed by Roy Thinnes...But after 10 years of asking...I'm thinking it's not going to happen. Burt Young would be super great also...
  5. What a shame he's only credited as "Additional Voices" in Highlander Vengeance as I'd have got a shot of every character he played if I'd known who..
  6. Just Tim Thomerson and Roy Thinnes for me....
  7. I might have mentioned him before but it'll be a nice UK first for this chap
  8. Always good to bring FLASH GORDON over.
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