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  1. Cardiffâ˜ș Warwick davies, David hasselhoff, Colin morgan, Jenna coleman, Joseph marcell, Bradley james,
  2. I would love to see a return of david hasslehoff. Warwick davies would be excellent. Welsh football and rugby players eg joe allan or leigh halfpenny or older halfpenny. Ruth jones or someone from stella/gavin and stacey. Kevin mcnally-mr gibbs from pirates of the caribbean. Julian glover, peter davison, Johnny depp, daisy ridley, Adam driver, john boyega, tom kenny definitely! And mayby karl urban
  3. She is a really lovely person in real life i met her at christmas and she was so welcoming
  4. Please ant and dec. This would be an Amazing photo
  5. Ive met micheal sheen twice this term because he lives near me and hes such a nice guy
  6. Any character or all characters from the big bang theory or even characters from young sheldon
  7. He cancelled last time so could you please get joseph marcell. I would love to meet him
  8. Jonathan ke quan would be an amazing guest. Please get him
  9. What will the price be for this guest?
  10. John boyega please. He seems like such an awesome guy
  11. Could you get some welsh football players please also its a hard chance but also Cristiano Ronaldo
  12. Could you get some welsh football players please also its a hard chance but also Cristiano Ronaldo
  13. I really need a photo with this guy. I met him western last year and he was a very lovely guy and very talkative
  14. I might be crazy but try and get freddy highmore. That would be an amazing guest also im not sure what hes up to but macauley culkin would be an amazing guest
  15. Im sure kevin mcnally would be an excellent guest. He just did one in warsaw lately
  16. Ive been wanting to meet this guy for a long time. Hope to get a photo
  17. I second mark hamil and robert Carlyle because i met him and got his autograph in may and he was a really nice guy
  18. I would love to see also Josh gad Anyone from big bang Anyone from the main cast of bond Anyone from jurassic park Anyone from pirates of the carribean Anyone from back to the future If you could bring some football players Anyone from STAR WARS
  19. I second every star wars actor and definetly tom hanks
  20. Seriously. I thought it ended like a few days before the event
  21. Is there anymore to be anounced. Love the guests so far but seems quite a short list
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