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  1. Some of these actors haven't been confirmed for the new date unfortunately - Robbie Coltrane and Clark Gregg
  2. Well like the above poster - Cinema trips have been very short this year - annoyingly most cinemas here have been shut for 9 months!! Ive normally seen over 50 films. 1917 x 4 Military Wives x 2 New Mutants x 2 Jo Jo Rabbit Onward Bad Boys Three Tenat Unhinged Invisible Man Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood Harley Quinn Dark Waters My Spy Doolittle Underwater Bombshell David Copperfield Sonic The Hedgehog Misbehaviour Downhill Re releases Jurassic Park The Empire Strikes Back Bohemian Rhapsody Black Panther
  3. personally, I think we can write off the whole of 2020 regarding conventions. Lets hope for a better year next year.
  4. Thoughts and prayers to his family. He was a great guy at Autographica a few years ago. R.I.P. Michael. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-54234139
  5. homerj

    Pre Orders

    Thanks for the reply Raylenth. Where do we go from here? Brother is still waiting for refunds and pictures - no replies. He is not on any social media. How does he get his money back?
  6. homerj

    Pre Orders

    Thanks for your reply but getting slightly frustrated now. Lots of people buying items off Facebook and Ebay and yet my brother is still waiting for refunds from March. He has emailed again but no reply.
  7. homerj

    Pre Orders

    Hi My brother is trying to get hold of the pre orders team regarding refunds. He has left several messages but hasn't had a reply since May. Can anyone help please. Thanks
  8. Is the pre order address the same - my brother still not getting replies on questions
  9. Personally, I've met some of these actors and actresses and have their autographs. Autographs do change but some of these do seem to be a bit suspect. As an aside - does anyone know when Tom Baker started to write Dr 4 under his signature?
  10. Any news on the Cardiff event - hoping to book around it this year.
  11. Well that's my mind made up then. I was going to attend the Sunday in my first event since 2018 just for Samantha, Clark and Mark. Its a long way to travel just for one person so I'm out. Hopefully, I'll be able to attend LFACC instead. Hope Clark is okay and getting better.
  12. Very sad news. We met him in Milton Keynes years ago - what a lovely man. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.
  13. Or anyone else for this fantastic film 1917
  14. Just been to see 1917. Absolutely brilliant. Just blew me away!
  15. Yes he has. I'll tell him to wait until after New Year and get back in touch.
  16. Hi My Bro had an email off Jason saying all outstanding orders would be sent before Christmas. He is still 1 personal item missing and the auto sent from DST is the wrong one.
  17. It was but still not receuved 2 items
  18. I'm really sorry Queen - Could you give Jason another nudge for my Bro please. Still two items missing and no answer to emails. Thanks
  19. Very sad news indeed. met him in London twice and Cardiff a few years ago - lovely guy. He will be missed. R.I.P. Rene - thoughts go out to his family and friends at this sad time.
  20. You are right - he does order too much! All sorted thanks.
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