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What did you get signed?

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I got my hoverboard and Grays Sports Almanac signed. Tom Wilson was signature nr 25. I guess Crispin Glover is the closest one I need now but I'm also thinking Bob Gale, Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg just to make life hard :)


Christopher Llyod - Doctor Emmett Brown
Michael J. Fox - Marty McFly
Jeffrey Weissman - George McFly (Pt 2&3)
Marc McClure - Dave McFly
Lea Thompson - Lorraine
Tom Wilson - Biff/Griff/Mad Dog
Claudia Wells - Jennifer Parker (Pt 1)
Frances Lee McCain - Stella Baines
James Tolkan - Mr. Strickland
Harry Waters Jr - Marvin Berry
Donald Fullilove - Goldie Wilson
Ricky Dean Logan - Rafe ‘Data’ Unger
Darlene Vogel - Leslie ‘Spike’ O’Malley
Jason Scott Lee - Whitey
Al White - Dad
Matt Clark - Chester the Bartender
Tracy Dali - Jacuzzi Girl #2
Andrew Probert - Production Illustrator
Arthur Schmidt - Editor
Harry Keramidas - Editor
Michael Scheffe - Construction Coordinator: DeLorean
Kevin Pike - Special Effects Supervisor
Dennis Sands - Scoring Mixer
Mike Matessino - Soundtrack Producer
'Dangerous' Bob Widin - Assistant Property Master


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I got Julian Glover and Peter Mayhew added to my Star Wars ESB press pack. Its funny as when Julian was signing it he was telling me how rare it was as it was only given out at the london premier back in 1980 then when i went to Peter, i beleive it was his daughter with him, she was rather impressed with it as well until Peter saw it and said he had 3 of them, what a way to burst the bubble as to how rare it is.


Also got my summerslam 1990 and survivor series 1990 wwf progammes signed by Demolition. Will try to upload some pictures later

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8 autopraphs in my James Bond Archives Golden edition book: John Cleese, Michael Madsen, Jeremy Bulloch, Anthony Forrest, Darrel Brook, Russel Brook, John Rhys-Davies, Roy Scammel and my Stargate SG1 box: Chris Judge. 

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Dan Fogler. also signed a poster of one of his comics and the preview comic he had (which he dedicated to a friend of mine who couldnt go to see him)


David Morrissey signed Governor Figure (its become tradition for me to get a figure signed by a TWD castmember at any con i go to)


Started my new signed poster project: Deathly Hallows poster (my favourite movie poster ever) signed by all the cast who attended on the Friday. wanted to get david bradley and mark williams as well but i wasnt at the con on sunday.


Also got 8X10's signed by Steven Yeun, Emily Kinney, Alicia Witt and John Carroll Lynch.
(all of my autograph collection can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/joshsautographadventures

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