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  1. Hopefully this announcement is the spark that ignites more gaming voice actor guests at future events. Booked our op, really excited. Great price as well
  2. Gillian Anderson, fairly confident. Ticks all the boxes
  3. Amber Rose Revah - Diamond Pass talk?

    Jesus time flies!
  4. Amber Rose Revah - Diamond Pass talk?

    Hopefully there will be a talk, yes, however it has been a fair couple of months now with no sign of news materialising. Not sure if it was forgotten about if website info etc needed to be amended
  5. Amber Rose Revah - Diamond Pass talk?

    I've kinda made a similar mistake - booked Nathalie diamond when she is Friday only and I wasn't turning up until late Friday afternoon. I got excited and didn't read it properly. Needless to say, I'm now staying 6 nights in London instead of 4 hahaha
  6. Evening all, Looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks time! just a quick question, I've noticed on Amber's diamond pass it still states the pass will include entry to a talk she is apart of, however, it has said this since the day she was announced. Is there any update as to whether this talk will be happening or what it will be? Thanks in advance :)
  7. Guest Suggestions

    My monthly plea to get Carice Van Houten if possible please! If you guys managed to get her that will be a fair few of my top guests attending in one year. You know you want to fulfill this dream, SM!
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan seems pretty active at the moment... Any chances?
  9. The clue to me says someone from the show person of interest
  10. Margot Kidder has passed away

    True I'm afraid.... news was slowly spreading but it's on all major news outlets now.
  11. Guest Suggestions

    Still hopeful for any of the main marvel cast, Carice Van Houten and Jon Bernthal. Also gonna throw Donald Glover into the mix, although he seems insanely busy.
  12. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    It would be hilarious if this was actually Harrison
  13. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    Apologies if this breaks any forum rules, feel free to delete if so! This may be handy for people: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Film_and_Comic_Con Lists all previous attendees to LFCC. Means we can rule out any on there!
  14. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    Petition to ask showmasters to ask us to reach a certain milestone of likes on Facebook to release the announcement early? Hahah. The anticipation is killing me
  15. Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    The official LFCC Facebook page added a comment not too long ago saying not to rule out SDCC guests as some haven't signed or done photos... Pretty much confirms it is someone who has attended SDCC in the past to me