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Gold Pass Chill Out Room

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10 minutes ago, Vegas Queen said:

Apologies if this is elsewhere. Why has the gold pass chill out room been dropped this year? A quick sit down somewhere quiet and a drink of water is not a large ask for having a gold pass, any chance of having it re instated? :)

I'll see what I can do.

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21 minutes ago, Iloveyouiknow said:

There has been a few other threads asking this and I gather in previous years it has been well received. personally I was looking forward for somewhere to take a 10 min downtime from the hustle and bustle 

Haha think we are going to need it :lol:

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17 minutes ago, Gozer_84 said:

No Chill Out Room? Really? 

Thats Sad... I was really looking forward to it


Thats kind of a downer

It's never been listed as one of the Gold Pass benefits in the store.

Why it was removed is something the mods can't answer, otherwise someone would have posted the other times this question came up. You can try enquiring with the Office, that's all I can suggest.

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29 minutes ago, Wrong Name said:

Please do not be under the impression that the forum's grumpy bear has any power to make something like this happen.

What my favorite potato says. ;)

I did check when the Topic first came up and the reply I got was that the Gold Pass listing in the store contained all that is included with the Gold Pass.

As I said above, if you really want a reason you Need to E-Mail the Office. There is nothing anyone on here can do to answer or Change this.

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