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  1. Oh God sorry! I was looking at A with the rest of them! Thanks couldn't see for looking :)
  2. Has the Tony Robinson single photo shoot time been missed off for Sat? 27 pages on here now looked but may have missed another post. Thanks
  3. Thanks, I don't think it is a huge ask so fingers crossed. :)
  4. Bummer! Hope they change their mind it was really handy.
  5. Apologies if this is elsewhere. Why has the gold pass chill out room been dropped this year? A quick sit down somewhere quiet and a drink of water is not a large ask for having a gold pass, any chance of having it re instated? :)
  6. Just the most brilliant unexpected guest! Thank you <3 Now one more request Bruce Campbell and my life would be complete <3 <3
  7. How about some more SOA guests now the dedicated con has been cancelled? :)
  8. I could actually cry! I have nearly met him so many times, 2017 is going to be the year. Happy Dance :)
  9. No it will not be a mistake. There's no way for SM to plot the photoshoot timetable round indiviudal attendees needs as it just wouldnt happen. Yes, but you can plot the schedule far better than it currently is surely? I mean, prioritising cosplay photos and putting them on at a peak time from 1.15 to 2.45, and thus pushing back 10 photoshoots till after 3pm... in what bizarre world is this fan-friendly scheduling :) You could easily have swapped those shoots around. Push the cosplay till later in the day - it's a GUEST-oriented event after all, not a cosplay focussed event. I agree a morning and afternoon session for Sean would have been better, for queue management never mind anyone's own schedule, the peak attendee photo time seems to be handed over to cosplay not actual guests that we are paying to meet. Solve the problem with a duo Goonies shoot or add a morning session for Sean. We too have Sat only early bird as we are travelling from Newcastle and will also have to wait 8 hours between shoots for the two guests we are attending for. I do appreciate you are paying for the whole day not just certain guests but a lot of people are like us and only attending for the two Goonies and you have them split up by hours and no duo shoot, which is poor planning on a very sparse schedule. Please, pretty please add a morning session for Sean. Thanks! And now there is a duo shoot Sun only!!! Talk about salt in the wound!
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