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Guests Suggestions

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Going to Kick it off with.....


Joe Flanigan

Philip Glennister

David Soul

Christopher Lloyd

Peter Davidson

Brad Dourif

Bruce Boxleiter

Danny Trejo

Hugh Quarshire

Ken Colley

Gill Gerrard

Richard Hatch

George Takei

Doug Bradley

Elijah Wood

Martin Landau

Robert Patrick

John Barrowman

Rutger Hauer


Heather Langenkamp

Mariana Hill

Sylvia Anderson

Michelle Forbes

Linda Hamilton

Rachel Luttrell

Morena Baccarin

Nancy Allen

Linda Blair

Grace Park

Alex Kingston

Karen Gillian

Erin Gray

Sean Young

Glynis Barber

Jewel Staite

Claudia Black

Joan Collins


Just For starters.... :smile:

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Buffy and Angel guests will get me to this event. Especially:


Sarah Michelle Gellar

Seth Green

Marc Blucas

Kristy Wu

Alyson Hannigan

Michelle Trachtenberg

David Boreanaz

Gina Torres

Daniel Dae Kim

David Denman

Elizabeth Anne Allen

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Twittered Jed @OneNonlyJester: @BrophyJed when are you going to do any UK cons

Replied @BrophyJed: @OneNonlyJester when I get invited I guess x

Jed is one of the the favourite Dwarves in the Hobbit movies and has been in most of Peter Jacksons movies he is like all the other Hobbit & LOTR guests who have attended SM over the years Brilliant.

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The one I would really love to meet is Lana Parrilla. (Once Upon A Time), but I would also love to see Erin Cahill (Power Rangers Time Force), Lucy Lawless (Xena), Hudson Leick (Xena), Melissa Fahn (Digimon Tamers), Eoin Macken (Merlin), and anyone from Merlin and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Power Rangers Cast (Any would be good)

Chloe Annett
Norman Lovett

Peter Davison

Terry Molloy

Brain Blessed

Sam Jones

Any Breaking Bad Cast

Torchwood Cast

Spencer Wilding

Ross Mullen

Karl Pilkington

David Bradley

Dan Starkey

Michael Smiley

David Morrisey

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Any of the cast from Once Upon a Time, but especially Colin O'Donoghue & Sean Maguire!! This would make my year. No, my life!


Torrance coombs (Reign)

Jenna Coleman (Dr Who)

Peter Capaldi (Dr Who, & a multitude of other amazing things)

Any of the Merlin Cast.


Aidan Turner (The Hobbit, Being Human)

Michael Socha (Being Human, Once Upon A Time)


Natalie Dormer (GOT)

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Lou Brealey (Sherlock), Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who), Richard E Grant (Doctor Who, Withnail & I), Aidan Turner (LOTR), John Hurt (Merlin, Doctor Who)

Basically, people from LOTR/Hobbit, Doctor Who, Sherlock, GOT and Merlin!

Edited by Cherebi
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Well... Anyone from Sherlock, such as Andrew Scott, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman - The mains I want to see next year!


Apart from that, well...

Emilia Clarke

Kit Harrington

Jerome Flynn

Peter Dinklage

Jack Gleeson

David Tennant

Billie Piper

Daniel Radcliffe

Emma Watson

Mark Gatiss

Anthony Hopkins

Alex Kingston

John Hurt

David Morrissey!

Tom Felton


Probably some others, but if at least one of those people will be there, I will be so happy! Really want to meet those people above the most! (Not to mention Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, but that's probably highly unlikely :( )


Stan Lee if possible! Would love to get his autograph!




I will stop editing shortly.


Any of The Walking Dead cast! (Especially Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira and Norman Reedus!)

And maybe Ian Holm?

I will probably add some more when I think of some (I have a huge wishlist of actors I want to meet!)

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