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  1. How about some of these guys they've been rather forgot about over the years. ATB
  2. And if you are not careful you could cut you're forehead.
  3. I think with all the money you have lost in the last few changes to different events Jason should at least give you a FREE Gold Pass.
  4. Brilliant one more for my poster. Plus he seems like a nice Guy
  5. And again Merry Christmas to all the cast of Showmasters ATB Jester
  6. Merry Christmas to all the wonderful people at Showmasters ATB Jester
  7. For F*** Sake. Great Brilliant another couple of Hundred pounds lost.
  8. Funny that.With us it's the Alcohol. I'm clumsy when sober and in flat shoes, I wonder what alcohol and heels would do... Probably help you're balance...
  9. Hi Jason Is there any chance that the dates quoted for CM 23 could be changed nearer the time,as quite a few times we have booked Hotels and train tickets for your Venues only for dates to be changed.its no that. it means £s lost less money to spend at shows and less money for alcohol ...Cheers Jester
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