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  1. I'm hoping they all get invited again next year, I missed Karen David and would love to get a chance to met her. :)
  2. Yeah, the ones we talked to was lovely, the guy at Photo C always held my crutches for me as I took my photos and even recognised me towards the end, the lady in blue in charge of the Emilie De Ravin line was a sweat heart, when I was waiting in line for Robert Carlyle someone came up to me and asked if I needed a seat, and one of the staff who had red hair near the back where Robert Caryle was had a nice chat with me about the heat and how she's got a long way home, and after The Lana Parrilla talk I wanted to have a photo with a Cosplayer and a member of the staff took the photo for me, I had nothing but good experience with the staff, so thank you all. :)
  3. Meet her today, such a lovely guest, wanted to meet her now for such a long time and she did not disappoint, I hope this is not the last time she is at London Film & Comic Con. :)
  4. Voice Actors from Red Dead Redemption 2 would be fantastic. so would Tara Strong and Kevin Conroy. :) I'd even love to see some UFC Fighters. :)
  5. If this topic has been done before, I apologise, but is there any chance of getting Voice Actors as guests from this year's Comic Con, seeing as Red Dead Redemption 2 was a huge success last year it would be cool to see Roger Clark, Rob Wiethoff & Benjamin Bryon Davis, I think it'd be awesome, and was wondering since it's been a while since I've to Comic Con, do Voice Actors ever get announced?
  6. I'm just going to through it out there. Leonardo DiCaprio. Robert Downey Jr. Jennifer Lawrence. Mel Gibson. It could be anyone. :)
  7. I think Kermit got too intimated by the security he's only a little guy poor thing.
  8. Sorry but what does "baht" mean? Is that like "butt"? It's a welsh thing, like how people say mate or bro, in Wales a lot of us say Baht, why I do not know it just kinda stuck, not even sure what it means but I call almost everyone it. Ah I'm Welsh too - yes it's like "butt" then - sorry didn't recognise the way you spelt it. Absolutely hilarious you said that to Famke! I must have spelt it wrong all this time lol I read somewhere that's how it's spelt my bad :)
  9. Sorry but what does "baht" mean? Is that like "butt"? It's a welsh thing, like how people say mate or bro, in Wales a lot of us say Baht, why I do not know it just kinda stuck, not even sure what it means but I call almost everyone it.
  10. I really regret paying for a photo with her, I understand not wanting to be touched, a lot of people don't like being touched, doesn't make them bad people, but a hello would have been nice, I brought a Kermit puppet before I the photo so I decided for a laugh to have Kermit in the photo too, when I saw her, she was looking at her phone and you can clearly see she does not want to be there, heck even the Showmasters staff seemed a little uncomfertable with her, the security just seemed a bit like of a bully to me, one of those guys that likes to show off how hard there are, he squeezed my hand with Kermit on seeing if there is anything inside, I understand checking, but he could have asked me to take it off so he can check, he bloody hurt too, I have incredible weak hands already didn't need some security squeezing my hand because I had a Muppet on there, heck Famke seemed more of a Muppet to me than Kermit, I can't remember what he said but I replied 'Yeah, it's just a puppet Baht' at that point I just stopped caring, I have never felt more uncomfortable with guest in my life, I even tried to be funny when I made Kermit smile, and after the photo I looked straight at Famke and said 'Ta Baht' and she never replied, she broke her rips not her vocal chords, I left to get my photo there was another fan there and he said it was a weird atmosphere, I looked at him and replied 'He searched Kermit' which looking back I kinda find funny, I think a few people got a chuckle out of that, The Showmasters staff was lovely there, I kind of felt sorry for them that they had to work there, it was a very bad atmosphere, it was like she looked down at everyone like she was better, she never smiled much in the photo either, well at least Kermit smiled, even after being violated The Showmasters said that Kermit was smiling, god bless them for trying to be positive, I'll appreciate that, when you look at the photos when they post it up just see the one with Kermit smiling, and you can see by my face I felt a bit of a Muppet myself with how much distance I was made to stand, Famke Janssen was defiantly the worst guest I have ever met, there was a lot of stuff I could have spent that £46 on instead, could have gotten the rest of The Muppets or a Zelda Monopoly, or those glowing Lightsabers, or an Autograph from Edge or Michelle Gomez, I have learned from that mistake and I strongly doubt she would come back again, although I'm lucky that only one Guest I've ever met was stuck up and every other person I met was a decent human being. If anyone else had a nice time with her I'm happy for them but for me I never enjoyed meeting her.
  11. I think the artist you are talking about is Scott Robinson if so here's a link to his Facebook. facebook.com/Scottartbeyond
  12. Don't know about anyone else, but I would love people like Rooster Teeth, BatInTheSun, Nostalgia Critic, Andre Meadows, Katie Wilson, The Warp Zone, Screen Team and Tatiana DeKhtyar at Comic Con, any chance on it happening?
  13. Any Cast from Merlin or The Musketeers Any Walking Dead Cast Only Fools and Horses Cast Lana Parrilla Robert Carlyle Lucy Lawless Noah Hathaway Erin Cahill Hudson Leick Kevin Conroy Tara Strong Billy Boyd Please.
  14. Lana Parrilla Robert Carlyle Lucy Lawless Erin Cahill Noah Hathaway Hudson Leick Kevin Conroy Tara Strong Anyone from Merlin or The Musketeers would be awesome too :)
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