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  1. RIP, great director, a genre unto himself.
  2. I know he's now in his Golden years but does the great Dick Miller do cons? Pam Grier?
  3. Anyone from any of the Superman adaptations, Blaxploitation stars, the A-Team and, for the love of God, Bruce Campbell!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. As we're on the subject, type 'Biff's question song' into that website what plays videos and enjoy!
  5. I found the MJF Car shoot to be very disappointing. I was barked at and pushed and I'm also not looking at the camera as i didn't know where it was until it was too late. I know they had to get everyone through quickly but this photo cost £95 and meant a great deal to many of us. I think this is something that needs addressing in the future. The guy in front of me actually collapsed due to the excitement and mania of the whole thing. Poor guy was carted off, not sure if he ever got his photo or not.
  6. I'd just like to say a big thanks to the Red shirt lady (think she was Spanish?) working on level 3 on Sunday. Really helpful after quite a few blue shirts gave me conflicting (and incorrect) information.
  7. I'm going to take a wild guess here that it isn't the fully clothed cosplayers who are getting groped.
  8. Well said. Although please don't stop for a minute in a gangway or in front of the entrance/exit
  9. Again, I'm not trying to excuse it but it sadly happens. Please read my post carefully so I don't have to keep repeating them. I'm not blaming the cosplayers either, its is easy to get excited at a con and drop your guard. Seriously though, if you dress as Power Girl and it doesn't cross your mind at all that someone might just take a small glimpse at your mostly bare chest then I would really worry about you, your naivety might just get you in trouble. If cosplayers like this do exist it only goes to back up my point on safety. Again, cosplay is fine by me (as long as they're not blocking entrances/exits) it is the 'look at me/stop looking at me' attention seekers that I dislike and I don't want to see semi-naked children in provocative outfits walking around the place - that ain't right! I'm talking about the 2% here, the ones that make up ridiculous statistics like 10,000 cosplayers being sexually assaulted at one con, the shameless attention seekers who have gone one step further and claim themselves to be victims, like cosplayers are a race or something. Like the song says, I don't have to take my clothes off to have a good time!
  10. Revealing costumes will attract lots of attention, good and bad but it's totally naive to dismiss the fact that these characters they dress as were created to titillate comic readers. It's not just simply a matter of dressing like a character you like from comics. There is a huge different between the beach and at a con or in city/workplace etc. I'm no prude either, but I have seen some shockingly revealing outfits worn by girls who can't be much older than 16. I will state again for the record, of course it doesn't make it right, you should be able to wear what ever you want and not worry about been assaulted, there are no excuses but some people, who I believe are in a minority, have/do/and there are some who always will, do what they shouldn't. I'm not a high-court judge either, again for the record, it isn't right, ever, but it does happen. Don't put yourself in that position and don't complain that people are looking at your breasts when you're dressed as Power Girl (I have seen this happen). I'm taking about a very low percentage of cosplayers by the way, the 'look at me, I'm shy' type.
  11. If this is aimed at me... I agree and say as much in my post. However, it is the world we live in I'm sad to say, better to be safe and wear a costume that covers all the naughty bits, surely that's more creative anyway!?its not aimed at u mate I'm just saying there hands should get chopped off lol Absolutely
  12. If this is aimed at me... I agree and say as much in my post. However, it is the world we live in I'm sad to say, better to be safe and wear a costume that covers all the naughty bits, surely that's more creative anyway!?
  13. I will also add, that a couple of years ago (maybe since) LFCC had a few stalls with female cosplayers selling naughty photos of themselves in cosplay. Doesn't help this I'd imagine!
  14. Touching and harassment is never okay, ever, but the 'Look at me/don't look at me' attitude of a certain type of cosplayer annoys me. I don't believe for one second that 10,000 Cosplayers were sexually assaulted at any con but I'm sure it has happened. I've seen some very young girls wearing costumes that should have refused them entry in my opinion. I don't like the scantily clad costumes, lets not beat around the bush on this one, we know what it is all about and somethings should remain in the comics (that a lot of them don't even read) or the bedroom. By all means dress up, just don't turn up nearly naked as you're going to get trouble - i'm not saying that makes it justified, it's sadly just the world we live in. I'd worry about them more on their journey home anyway. And please stand somewhere other than the walkways and exits!
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