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  1. Tna wrestlers Eric Young,Gunner, Samoa Joe and Earl Hefner Chris Barrie Danny John Jules Dale prowse please
  2. Really really disappointed, in fact dissappointed in general this year is somewhat lacking in comparison to the last two in cardiff
  3. With just over 50 days left which you can take 10 days off because store will close that leaves 40 days for announcements which is plenty of time in one respect but not all of us have money trees to just pay out as an when for photo tickets. If they leave it to much longer I may have to duck out this time
  4. Having been the last two times I know it's nowhere near as big as lfcc but there were many more than 14 guests at the last 2.
  5. With only 50 something days to go I was wondering when we could expect more announcements......Please and thank you :)
  6. Just got round to watching merlin so any of the cast would be good to please
  7. Morgan Freeman Samuel L Jackson Robert Downey Junior Helena Bonham carter Jason Statham Harrison Ford Quentin Tarantino
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