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  1. I agree with you here, it was one of the best comic con's I have ever been to! Everything was well organised, everyone was so friendly, made a lot of new friends today, including crew! You were all so friendly and helpful, the guys (sorry I didn't catch any names) but the ones I kept talking to at the photo area and on the door, you were all fantastic. Didn't feel rushed, lovely to talk to. So I have to take my hat off to you guys today, absolutely fantastic! Can't wait for tomorrow's show now!
  2. I second this one SM! Heard he was an amazing guest, would love for him to come!
  3. Ohhh on Sunday?? Was gonna go just on the Saturday, but may end up doing both days now! Would love more Primeval guests, Ben Miller especially!! And Hannah, I see she's doing a lot of events this year with Andrew, would be amazing to meet both!
  4. Just got into Red Dwarf but Kryten is my favourite character by far, can't wait to meet him!
  5. Ohhh, Bert! Can't wait to meet him! Been wanting to for ages, well done SM!!
  6. There are a few (most of them I'm missing at London Sadly). Andrew Scott - always on top of my list, missed out on him as I couldn't attend the Sherlock Convention Hayley Atwell! Jack Gleeson Charles Dance Billy Dee Williams Miltos Yerolemou Denis Lawson David Dawson (Banished, Last Kingdom: he's beginning to be quite a star!) Jerome Flynn Brian Vernel Mark Sheppard Matt Ryan James Marsters (always seems to cancel sadly) Erin Richards Bilie Piper Eve Myles Edit: After seeing others from around other Con's (And just simply adding), I'd also like to add: Nathan Fillion
  7. Have finally decided to go to Exeter instead of my home city of Cardiff in March - all because of Rene Belloq and the Rev. Can't wait!
  8. I'm going to attempt to get to this one for the first time, but to get me to London definitely, needs to be any good Game of Thrones cast, such as Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Peter Dinklage, Aiden Gillen, etc (The MAIN Stars, plus Aiden Gillen would go well with my Littlefinger costume!), Supernatural cast and The Walking Dead cast. If Andrew Scott or Benedict Cumberbatch will be announced, I'll be down there like a flash would literally be first in line for them! Any good american actors would be good as well. James Marsters better stay cause he's drawing my girlfriend down to London (
  9. Would just like to say that Myanna Buring was by the far the nicest and sweetest guest I have met! She was fantastic, and being pretty much last in queue for her this morning, I got a little bit extra time with her and asking her questions with my friend. We were both surprised of how lovely she was! She was such a perfect guest and very cheery and happy! I haven't shut up about her yet! Well done on getting her to come to Cardiff, Showmasters!! Overall a really good day out again. After Iain Glen cancelled, I was a bit disappointed, but Myanna and Jeff Rawle really made the loss like it
  10. Hey Joey, The two above has pretty much explained it all now anyway, but it is important to attend the photoshoots early, as you may miss out on the opportunity. As for you girlfriend (I know this from experience last year) She's able to queue outside the room with you, but when you get in there for the photoshoot then she'd probably have to step outside and wait for you to have your experience with them. You seem like a huge star wars guest, so I assume you're going to the photoshoot for the Emperor's Throne as well? If you're doing that alone (without David Prowse), then that changes
  11. Jeff Rawle and Jessie Cave photoshoots during Game of Thrones talk?! Damn Im going to have work around that!
  12. I REALLY want to meet my favourite actor, and my favourite villain throughout fiction but I cant!! This is such a shame, god I hope he (and other Sherlock stars) are able to attend other Con's throughout the year. I might get lucky one day and meet him!!! Hope everyone who meets him and attends this show enjoy it!!
  13. Okay...... I don't know exactly where to start, so... ANY Game of Thrones, (Charles Dance, Iwan Rheon, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Mark Addy and Aiden Gillen especially happy with!) and if you can, bring back Iain Glen and Carice Van Houten, please??? It's a shame they cancelled! ANY Walking Dead cast Ben Miller!!! Matt Ryan!!! Mark Sheppard (May as well say any other Supernatural guest too!) Gillian Anderson David Tennant Peter Capaldi Billie Piper Tom Felton Daniel Radcliffe Danny John-Jules Ioan Gruffudd (considering he's from South Wales) Alexander Siddig Can we get s
  14. Very nice to see him coming to Cardiff.... A guest I really want to meet... Sunday though.. Ahh... Damn it! I'm only able to go on the Saturday! A friend of mine has met him before though, and she said that he's a very nice guest to meet, one of the friendliest actually, so judging from her mentioning about this, I would encourage people to go and meet him!
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