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  1. Not into wreastling but sat in the talk. She was a hoot, seemed really genuine :)
  2. Fun weekend. Day 1. Volenteering for showmasters in the morning, fun times. Hope i did ok and can do it again. wish i'd asked for both days ! Afternoon - very squishy around the dealers area and supringly busy ! Day 2 First time ever i've not gone in early, though that didn't stop me being in the area at 8.30am, !! A quieter day inside too, then Sundays always are. Over the 2 days i did 4 photo's and 2 autos, think this is the least money i've spent at a con lol A reminder to myself why i never do autos, the one guest was fab the other not so much. November beacons
  3. This one is going to be massive and i'm going to be bankrupt SM (In a good way)
  4. I've met this guy a few times Wasn't going to cosplay at Cardiff this time and then you go and say he'll be in Capt John costume !! Damn you SM Capt Jack Harkness might have to appear once more !! I'd better start saving !
  5. He wrestlers tend to be very lively, I think they do get overlooked at times but its great to hear you took the time and enjoyed it. Yea was fun and glad i sat in on something diferent :)
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