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  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again, some of the cast of Stella, it's Cardiff after all and we should promote our Welsh actors too, such as Ruth Jones, Craig Gallivan and even Rob Brydon from Gavin and Stacey. We've had Catrin Stewart and Steve Speirs before who weee both great Welsh guests so a few more each con would be great. But of course I'm still waiting for Freema Agyeman to make an appearance
  2. I'm backing the idea of having Stella and Gavin and Stacey stars! All for promoting Wales at our local con!
  3. I was the same it felt like he didn't even acknowledge me and my friend yesterday. But I thought maybe he wasn't feeling very well or he was nervous meeting so many people since I noticed he was shaking a bit
  4. Freema Agyeman - doctor who Craig Gallivan - Stella Karen Paullada - Stella Julian Lewis Jones - Stella Karen Gillan - doctor who Matt smith - doctor who Anyone from Scrubs (you managed to get the guy who played the Todd one year but I couldn't attend I was gutted) Anyone from Harry Potter that hasn't been to Cardiff comic con yet.
  5. This is a great announcement! Now there's already 3 guests I'd like to meet!
  6. Okay Craig gallivan from Stella, let's support the local actors with their local con, anyone from Stella really. Freema Agyeman still makes my list, along with Peter Davison, Tom baker and Colin baker. Bring any of those and I'd be happy! Also if you get James marsters hopefully he doesn't cancel this time
  7. I've got 2 photo shoots and that's it the entire weekend! Glad they're both on the same day! Disappointed for the second time with Cardiff comic con
  8. I agree! Is there a reason why Carl Weathers isn't there? If he's cancelled then I'm out! I only ordered a photo ticket with him 2 days ago, so if he's cancelled then I'm only attending to see Steve Speirs, which to be honest, I won't attend for just one guest.
  9. Awesome! Any chance of some more of the cast of Stella?
  10. Love Jurassic park and would enjoy getting a photo but the lack of guests isn't enough to motivate me to get a ticket which is shame!
  11. Freema agyeman for me as my number one guest as usual! Will keep holding out! But also since Catrin Stewart was there in November, I think it would be quite nice to have some stars from Stella there considering its made in Wales, I reckon Craig Gallivan would be a great guest he seems cracking on twitter
  12. Seeing as she's going to collectormania, Freema Agyeman! It's around my birthday and this would be the ideal 21st birthday!
  13. So gutted by this! Would love to meet her, wish she was coming to Cardiff! She even favourited my tweet just now about it! Haha
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