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Latest Guest Announcement - DIRK BENEDICT

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Latest Guest Announcement - Dirk Benedict


Attending: Sat/Sun


Autograph/Photoshoot Price: £15









The A-Team (TV series) - Templeton 'Faceman' Peck (96 episodes, 1983-1987)


Battlestar Galactica (TV series) - Lt. Starbuck (22 episodes, 1978-1979)


Galactica 1980 (TV series) - The Return of Starbuck - Lt. Starbuck


The A-Team - Pensacola Prisoner Milt 2010


Celebrity Big Brother (TV series) - Himself (30 episodes, 2007)




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I thought Dirk’s talks on Saturday and Sunday were the best I’ve seen this weekend, although I enjoyed the other talks as well.


Both talks were very different but he is such a witty guy, he really cracked me up both times! I had an 8x10 signed by him on Saturday morning. I told him we had met before at CMG in 2008. He said: 'You are the second person who said that to me, I have no recollection of a previous visit to Glasgow…In this building? In Scotland?' :D I picked an 8x10 in which he was wearing a white tuxedo. He wrote: ‘Tux but no nips’ ;) . He mentioned at his talk as well how much he hated cosmetic surgery, easy for him to say, he is 69 but many a 30-year-old would be jealous of his hair alone :lol:

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