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  1. Matthewman

    Films watched in 2018

    Just back in from seeing the predator. Didn't love it, but didn't hate it either. Was really enjoying it until the bigger pred arrived. Hated the end scene though
  2. Matthewman

    Guest suggestions for next year

    Some big name horror guests please. Wouldn't mind some more Aliens guests too :)
  3. Matthewman

    Films watched in 2018

    Just finished Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom. Was OK. nothing special but OK :(
  4. Matthewman

    Burt Reynolds has passed away

    Rest in peace Bandit.
  5. Matthewman

    next years dates

    Always look forward to the braehead show :)
  6. Gonna give this year a miss I think. This year's guest list is really not for me. Have fun everyone :)
  7. Matthewman

    Guest Cancellation - Roy Scammell

    Gutted. The only guest I was attending for
  8. Matthewman

    Guest Suggestions

    Some great guests announced today for the Saturday. Wouldn't mind a few now for the Sunday please :)
  9. Great announcement for Glasgow. Pity he's Saturday only though
  10. Matthewman

    (Just for fun) Dream guest that has passed away

    Mr Rowdy Roddy Piper
  11. Matthewman

    Jeremy Bulloch announces retirement from conventions

    Men the man twice in Glasgow. Was always an absolute pleasure to talk with and I got the impression that he generally adored spending time with his fans.
  12. Matthewman

    Films watched in 2018

    Just finished Happy Death Day. Enjoyed it. Great spin on groundhog day
  13. Matthewman

    Guest Suggestions

    I'm only gonna be able to make the Sunday this year so fingers crossed :)
  14. Matthewman

    Films watched in 2018

    Watched the new ghostbusters on Netflix. Wasn't great, but wasn't terrible either. My 8yo daughter loved it.
  15. Matthewman

    Guest Suggestions

    Sorry guys, Just getting a bit excited as its getting close now :) Still not decided if I'm attending this year yet, but like most people, still hoping that someone is announced who changes my mind. I know SM can't cater to everyone's taste and that guests can only be announced when things are confirmed, but I just cant help getting a little envious seeing all the great guest announcements popping up on facebook for all the shows down south
  16. Matthewman

    Guest Suggestions

    C'mon showmasters.. How about a wee guest announcement to start the weekend?
  17. Matthewman

    Guest Suggestions

    Now that Birmingham is out of the way, fingers crossed Glasgow gets some guest announcements soon :)
  18. Matthewman

    Guest Suggestions

    Zero for me so far Staying optimistic though :)
  19. Matthewman

    Films watched in 2018

    Finally got round to watching both the Kingsman movies at the weekend. Never been a huge Spy/James Bond fan, but really enjoyed both. Never though I'd find Elton John funny :)
  20. Matthewman

    Latest Guest Announcement - AMANDA WYSS

    Met her a few years ago in Glasgow. Such a nice person to speak with. Pretty sure she asked me more about me that I did about her :)
  21. Matthewman

    Latest Guest Announcement - CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT

    Amazing guest announcement . Gutted I cant make it down to Birmingham
  22. Matthewman

    Guest Suggestions

    Just having a scan through the other events and noticed that Christopher Lambert is heading to Birmingham. He would be an amazing guest in Glasgow. Danny Glover would be most welcomed too :) We must be due some new announcements pretty soon :)
  23. Matthewman

    Guest Suggestions

    I see Lance Henrikson is doing the rounds again this year. Would love if you could get him back up to Glasgow :)
  24. Matthewman

    Show us your signed HORROR memorabilia!

    Finally got this framed. Only taken me 2 years :)
  25. Great guest. Missed him last time he was in Glasgow due to me being financially under-prepared Couple more dwarf guests would be great :)