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  1. The main Olympia was all booked up when i looked, that's why i am parking at the Olympia P4 car park just past the main car park. Same price, just outside rather than undercover.
  2. Cheers for the info. I have used Just Park several times in the past and found them to be ideal for when I need to get into London. For LFCC, most of the local spaces at a reasonable price were already booked when I tried to find one so I opted for the P4 Motorail car park at Olympia instead. Not cheap but it's on the doorstep, and better than £225 that some people wanted for the car space on their front.
  3. And what if you have bought tickets at £15.00? I assume SM won't be knocking on peoples doors for the extra fiver?
  4. "It will be very busy and the queues in the mornings will be horrendous but it will be a great show!!" Oh joy! I can't wait. All them queues, squeezing past people, unable to look at the stalls. Sounds like a "great" show :-\
  5. I find it hard to believe that given the amount of proof the ticket holder has that SM can not assist in getting them the photoshoot without having to payout again. It's a genuine error, something we have all been guilty of in the past. I think some common sense and flexible "can do attitude" customer service is required here by SM. At times, it does seem and come across as a very rigid mentality when these kind of things happen, which I find disappointing.
  6. 23rd Collectormania and still issues with the concourse, over crowding, bottle necks ect? At least the bus service was ok this year by the sounds of things.
  7. I see, that's great, thanks for the quick response. I'll purchase once the shop has been re-stocked
  8. Just been to the shop to look at ticket entry prices and it says that Saturday is sold out. Is this correct? My brother has just bought a Diamond Pass for MJF, and we both planned to attend Saturday and Sunday to cover everything we nned to do for MJF and all the other guests. I am hoping that it is a glitch on the shop and that is it not sold out.
  9. Rather than me reading 27 pages of posts, has Showmasters given an indication as to cost for this Diamond Pass guest? I know the mods were going to ask the question. An idea of funds required would be good.
  10. Its ok giving people 7 days notice, but it would be more helpful if you were to give an indication of costs, because if its as big as you say, and is very expensive, then people need to know what funds to have available for when the shop opens.
  11. If I decide to attend, i'll be waiting till the last minute to buy tickets. I need to see who is going to be appearing, and on which day, as I am unable to attend all the days, and certainly can not afford to stop over in London as it just adds costs to the show for me. I assume we will get the usual notification that A) tickets are selling out fast Shop closes at x o'clock on a certain date like with previous shows?
  12. Its official, Jason has just told us no more auto's from Stan. Photoshoots and talk is doubtful as well :-(
  13. The pounds are not aimed at Stan, they are for SM. They are the one's who have massively oversold this event unfortunately.
  14. 1.55pm - I have VT 160 for Stan. Just gone to join queue only to be told Stan has yet to sign a single VT number and the chance of me getting is auto is VERY slim. Absolute joke. Stan arived late, signed Gold and Silver, then went off for a 2 hour photoshoot (££££) and then will be signing Vt's from 3 to 4, when he will then be going to do more photoshoots (££££) and then his talk. There is going to be a whole lot of disappointed and angry fans later. Less photo op's, more autos please!!!
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