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  1. RIP Deborah Watling

    Deeply saddened to hear today that Deborah Watling has passed away... I can't put into words how wonderful a woman she was. Thoughts and feelings to her family and friends. RIP
  2. Guest suggestions

    I know I say this every year, but would really love to see William Zabka from the Karate Kid and Marc Singer or any of the rest of the V cast! Christopher Benjamin, Tom Chadbon, Christopher Ryan, Someone from The Prisoner (So few people who worked on this are still with us and we are in its 50th anniversary), Jenna Coleman (long shot I know but we did manage to get Samuel Anderson before so who knows?), Greg Austin, Paul McGann would be great to have back again, Fady Elsayed, anyone from Arrow or The Flash would be great too!
  3. Thoughts on "Oxygen"

    Overall, quite a good episode but with a few little problems and one big continuity issue. The pretitles transition into the titles was a little too abrupt in my opinion and Bill's blackout meant that it felt a bit like we had lost 15 minutes of an episode (although I've been feeling that way with all of Series 10 thus far) leading to yet another rush ending. The final twist was neat though and I felt that the guest cast were great. However, there is a massive problem with saying that the TARDIS doesn't need its fluid link to travel...it means that the latter half of The Daleks, where the TARDIS crew have to stay and help because the Daleks took it from Ian, is retroactively moot.
  4. Wonderful news, absolutely delighted to hear this! Although it should probably be pointed out that Richard's IMDB is actually http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0291524/
  5. I can sympathise with this - Funko POPs are putting a decent sized dent in my wallet these days
  6. Thought I'd start a countdown thread like we had last...hold on, I'm getting deja vu. And there's only four days until the Con. Huh. Well why not have a thread for people to share their favourite memories of previous FCCG/CMGs, what merch they'll be looking out for at the Exhibitor Tables (I managed, to my great delight, to get the 1965 Danger Man Annual last year so I'm hoping to find more Danger Man/The Prisoner merch along with as usual, Doctor Who stuff) and just to generally chat about FCCG16. Speaking of which, does anyone know if people have planned any cosplay meetups? Oh and...4 DAYS TO FILM AND COMIC CON GLASGOW!
  7. So who are you planning on meeting?

    My list is Colin Baker, John Leeson, Sean Astin and Jacqueline Pearce :)
  8. General Chat

    Looking at the guests announced, I see we might be in for a Goonies reunion here! YES!!!
  9. Cosplay

    Just as a update: I have decided to go with the NotD Eighth Doctor...just waiting on the boots arriving and then I'll be sorted!
  10. Guest Suggestions

    Actors Marc Singer Billy Mumy Colin Baker Nicola Bryant John Levene Christopher Benjamin Tom Chadbon Christopher Ryan Jenna Coleman (long shot I know but well, she has left Doctor Who and we did manage to get Samuel Anderson last time so who knows?) Writers (Personally I think they're the one thing that all cons have been neglecting) Terrance Dicks Andrew Cartmel Paul Cornell
  11. Cosplay

    Seventh Doctor will have regenerated by then into the Eighth Doctor. Probably going to be doing the Night of the Doctor look.
  12. Guest Suggestions 2016

    Actors Marc Singer Billy Mumy Colin Baker Nicola Bryant John Levene Christopher Benjamin Tom Chadbon Christopher Ryan Jenna Coleman...long shot I know but still. Writers Terrance Dicks Andrew Cartmel Paul Cornell
  13. Cosplay

    The Open Cosplay Masquerade is at 3pm on the Sunday. My costume is all set for Sunday but I've got one question: Lanyard or no Lanyard for my calling card? https://twitter.com/JDPManjoume/status/633365906920480769
  14. FCCG Countdown!

    3 DAYS TO FCCG! Hype level: Over 9000%
  15. Cosplay

    I'm pretty sure that projectiles are not allowed as part of cosplays at SM events. If you leave the arrows at home then you should be fine.