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  1. Totally agreed - I actually did the same thing too! Got one on the Saturday and then when I came back on the Sunday, I got another. He was just so kind and wonderful both days - happy to make time for everyone and he even gave me a little shoutout during his talk :)
  2. Already getting in my list for next year - although there's a lot of wild ideas of who I'd love to see, and I know there's a lot of considerations that play into guest suggestions but I'm gonna play in something a tad more sensible (and perhaps more realistic?) than my usual by giving a suggestion of a guest that has appeared for every prior year. Sort of a "Great Returns/Greatest Hits" suggestion list... CM1 - Nicholas Briggs: this is totally sentimental for me. CG1 was my first con and given all Nick does with Big Finish, there's certainly a lot more that could be covered in a talk now, and a lot more for me to praise him for! CM2 - Nicholas Brendon: still quite a frequent con guest and sure to pull in Criminal Minds fans now as well as us Buffy ones. CM3 - Georgia Tennant (formerly Moffett): lovely woman and great in Who and Merlin. Given she's related to Davison, perhaps even could get both? CM4/2009 - Robert Picardo: okay, yeah maybe this one is a little bit more wild of an ask these days as he's surely quite busy but honestly, I'm still blown away that he was here ten years ago and it would be super to meet him. (Thinking about this, Brendon and Picardo - just need a McCoy and you'd have an Inspector SpaceTime joke ready to go :P) CM 2010 - Hamish Wilson: iirc he's quite local so would probs be less of an issue on transport/travel costs side for SM and he would defo be much appreciated by us Whovians that missed out on him that year. As I've heard, he was popular that year as well as at signings done when the Mind Robber DVD came out so... And he's also a fascinating man in general. CM 2011 - Robert Llewellyn: need I say anything? charming guy and it's always great to see him and catch up with him again! CM 2012 - Sarah Douglas: wonderful career to draw upon... Superman, Space 1999, Babylon 5, Stargate and a few DC TV appearances as well. And of course, V. Every year, I hear people clamour for a V guest (Sometimes, I'm hearing myself in that crowd too admittedly). CM 2013 - Honestly, any of them, there was such a good run that year. Englund, Llewellyn, Warner, Jayston, Johns, Shaban, Myles, Melling... Too hard to pick. CM 2014 - Armin Shimerman: mainly because my budget didn't stretch far enough that year to meet him. Again, another superb one for the Buffy and DS9 fans - and of course, from my childhood, he's the legendary villainous Dr. Nefarious. FCCG 2015 - Robert Englund: like Robert, always lovely to see - good draw for V fans, and of course for Elm St. He's been a big draw everytime I've been for myself and friends~ FCCG 2016 - John Challis: hilarious and entertaining man, would be nice to see him again too FCCG 2017 - Tom Hopper: No doubts on this one, and this is my wildcard dream one here. Admired him for Merlin and Who already but as I couldn't make the Saturday, I missed him and was utterly gutted. And now of course we can add Umbrella Academy to his wonderful list of achievements. If he comes back, you can roll out a red carpet for him and stick a Diamond Pass up for him and I'd bite! and FCCG 2018 - Michelle Ryan: fantastic lady, was great to see her - her Doctor Who spinoff came out just the week after and it'd be nice to talk to her about that sometime. Throwing in some less sensible and likely wildcards, Anneke Wills, Peter Mullan, Kiefer Sutherland (I did say less likely...) and Katherine Kelly.
  3. Deeply saddened to hear today that Deborah Watling has passed away... I can't put into words how wonderful a woman she was. Thoughts and feelings to her family and friends. RIP
  4. I know I say this every year, but would really love to see William Zabka from the Karate Kid and Marc Singer or any of the rest of the V cast! Christopher Benjamin, Tom Chadbon, Christopher Ryan, Someone from The Prisoner (So few people who worked on this are still with us and we are in its 50th anniversary), Jenna Coleman (long shot I know but we did manage to get Samuel Anderson before so who knows?), Greg Austin, Paul McGann would be great to have back again, Fady Elsayed, anyone from Arrow or The Flash would be great too!
  5. Overall, quite a good episode but with a few little problems and one big continuity issue. The pretitles transition into the titles was a little too abrupt in my opinion and Bill's blackout meant that it felt a bit like we had lost 15 minutes of an episode (although I've been feeling that way with all of Series 10 thus far) leading to yet another rush ending. The final twist was neat though and I felt that the guest cast were great. However, there is a massive problem with saying that the TARDIS doesn't need its fluid link to travel...it means that the latter half of The Daleks, where the TARDIS crew have to stay and help because the Daleks took it from Ian, is retroactively moot.
  6. Wonderful news, absolutely delighted to hear this! Although it should probably be pointed out that Richard's IMDB is actually http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0291524/
  7. I can sympathise with this - Funko POPs are putting a decent sized dent in my wallet these days
  8. Thought I'd start a countdown thread like we had last...hold on, I'm getting deja vu. And there's only four days until the Con. Huh. Well why not have a thread for people to share their favourite memories of previous FCCG/CMGs, what merch they'll be looking out for at the Exhibitor Tables (I managed, to my great delight, to get the 1965 Danger Man Annual last year so I'm hoping to find more Danger Man/The Prisoner merch along with as usual, Doctor Who stuff) and just to generally chat about FCCG16. Speaking of which, does anyone know if people have planned any cosplay meetups? Oh and...4 DAYS TO FILM AND COMIC CON GLASGOW!
  9. My list is Colin Baker, John Leeson, Sean Astin and Jacqueline Pearce :)
  10. Looking at the guests announced, I see we might be in for a Goonies reunion here! YES!!!
  11. Just as a update: I have decided to go with the NotD Eighth Doctor...just waiting on the boots arriving and then I'll be sorted!
  12. Actors Marc Singer Billy Mumy Colin Baker Nicola Bryant John Levene Christopher Benjamin Tom Chadbon Christopher Ryan Jenna Coleman (long shot I know but well, she has left Doctor Who and we did manage to get Samuel Anderson last time so who knows?) Writers (Personally I think they're the one thing that all cons have been neglecting) Terrance Dicks Andrew Cartmel Paul Cornell
  13. Seventh Doctor will have regenerated by then into the Eighth Doctor. Probably going to be doing the Night of the Doctor look.
  14. Actors Marc Singer Billy Mumy Colin Baker Nicola Bryant John Levene Christopher Benjamin Tom Chadbon Christopher Ryan Jenna Coleman...long shot I know but still. Writers Terrance Dicks Andrew Cartmel Paul Cornell
  15. The Open Cosplay Masquerade is at 3pm on the Sunday. My costume is all set for Sunday but I've got one question: Lanyard or no Lanyard for my calling card? https://twitter.com/JDPManjoume/status/633365906920480769
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