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  1. Great guest. Missed him last time he was in Glasgow due to me being financially under-prepared Couple more dwarf guests would be great :)
  2. Guest Suggestions

    Guests from Aliens or Flash Gordon please.
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - MARK ROLSTON

    I'm pretty sure I was sat next to you at the aliens talk on saturday. The facehugger looked great BTW :)
  4. Thanks. Yeah I've done a few. This is the first one I've had signed though. Was glad I took a spare with me as Jenette seemed to like it and asked where I got it. Made my day that she wanted a copy :)
  5. Saturday Experience

    Had a great day today. Only met the 3 Aliens guests however probably the 3 chattiest guests I've met at a showmasters event. Colette was by far the nicest guest I think I've met and would recommend anybody to go and speak with her. She insisted on taking photos with everybody there, and gave me a signed photo for free along with signing my poster. She took great interest in speaking about my wonky nose haha (I broke it last month and awaiting an op to fix it). Spoke with John for awhile about my favorite scene in Aliens for what seemed like an absolute age (sorry to the people behind me btw). I agree it wasn't as busy today as its been in the past but showmasters always put on a great show. More aliens guests next year please, lots of space left on my poster :)
  6. Finally finished this for tomorrow. All that is missing is Pvt Vasquez's signature :)
  7. Three Words

    dafty who couldn't
  8. Three Words

    Along came a...
  9. Latest Guest Announcement - CHLOE ANNETT

    Cool guest. Any more last minute dwarfers gonna be announced?
  10. Are gun replicas allowed?

    The Aliens Colonial marine guys are usually always there walking around with replica pulse rifles so I don't imagine yours being an issue. Probably best to keep it covered up until you are in the arena though
  11. Who are you meeting :)

    Just the 3 aliens guests for me. My new aliens poster could do with a few signatures. Need to see how the budget works out on the day as I want to get the hellraiser guests too but trying hard to save cash for another event.
  12. Guest suggestions

    I am still hoping for a few more guests but i'm still super excited about meeting the 3 'Aliens' guests on the Saturday.
  13. First time going

    I've never had any problems with the VQ's. I always try to be there for the doors opening as it does get really cramped (and warm) in the hall as the day goes on. with the 9am entry I always manage to meet everyone I want without too much fuss. Here's hoping that now the big London show is done and out the way we might get some more guests announced for Glasgow.
  14. Funko Pop Collection

    Just need the one which sits proudly on my desk at work :)
  15. Guest suggestions

    Can't believe its under a month to go.. now lets some more guest announcements showmasters :)