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Latest guest announcement - DAVID WARNER


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We are pleased to announce our latest guest for Collectormania Glasgow, appearing on Saturday only:




Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - St. John Talbot

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country - Chancellor Gorkon

Star Trek: The Next Generation - Gul Madred

The Omen - Keith Jennings

Tron - Ed Dillinger / Sark

Cross of Iron - Capt. Hauptmann Kiesel

Time After Time - Jack the Ripper - John Leslie Stevenson

Time Bandits - Evil Genius

The Man with Two Brains - Dr. Alfred Necessiter

Babylon 5 - Aldous Gajic

Titanic - Spicer Lovejoy

Scream 2 - Drama Teacher Gus Gold

Star Wars: Force Commander (Video Game) - Grand Gen. Brashin

Hornblower - Capt. James Sawyer

Planet of the Apes - Sandar

The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse - Dr. Erasmus Pea

Hogfather - Lord Downey

Doctor Who: Dreamland - Lord Azlok

Wallander - Povel Wallander


CLICK HERE for his full filmography














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Whooohoo!!!! This has really made my night. David is a legend to me. Tron, The Omen, Time Bandits and Titanic....wow.


The guests for Glasgow are fantastic already....thanks so much.


Feels weird not moaning lol.


Hope Glasgow turns out in their droves for this event and buys many many Autos and photo shoots so we keep getting great guests like this!!!!!!

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