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  1. I am hopefully, maybe, doing a Jedi Knight Merida cosplay. I have the basic idea for it, it's just getting all the bits and pieces together. Failing that, I may re-use an older cosplay. EDIT: Okay, so cancel that. There is a costume on it's way to me and now I am just waiting to see how this works out...
  2. Hm, I think I would second the vote for guests from Doctor Who and Game of Thrones, particularly those who are Scottish! Come on, guys, home land con - you can get home at night for your tea! Since we have two confirmed Power Rangers guests, I would suggest Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy as well! Both have expressed interest in coming to a Glasgow convention and they do well with crowds and end up interesting everyone, not just Power Ranger fans. Seriously, as a comedy duo their timing is on point, just invite them and let them go crazy, and watch the fun. Amy Manson (Merida in Once Upon a Time) would make a cool guest, as would Paul Telfer. Actually, Once guests in general would be cool, I bet they have some great stories to share. I also second the vote for writers. I know the Edinburgh Book Festival is on in August, but surely some writers would be willing to come to this convention as well? The line up so far looks great! Hoping to meet Mr. Baker!
  3. It really depends on who I've cosplayed as and who it is that recognises me. Though, admittedly, the only time I've ever actually been approached for photos is when I cosplayed as Merida. And, for a Disney character? Around kids, you've just got to keep the magic going, haven't you? I did ... sort of have an incident last year where this tiny wee girl came up to me. She wanted a picture but she was a bit terrified because Merida was standing with these two big pirates, you see. (Got any idea who that might be, Captain? ) So, I went into character. As Merida I knelt down so I was at her eye-level, or as close to it as I could get 'cause she really was tiny, and told her that she didn't need to worry at all. Y'see, Tinkerbell had had a little word with me, and gave me special magic pixie dust that brought out a person's inner braveness and that I could give it to whoever needed it. So I was going to give some to her. She opened up after that. (Her Dad seemed impressed - asked if he could hire me to babysit) I've also had a lassie being genuinely stunned into amazed silence because I was actually Scottish - but that was at LFCC 2014. I had just heard this voice go "Dad, Dad, it's Merida!" My friend gave me a poke in the side and showed me where the voice was coming from, so I started talking. Then...stunned happy silence, and the parent being pleased because... well, that's you given their child a really special experience. (Actually, LFCC was hilarious in general just because of the amount of times I got asked if it was my real accent. One of my friends - who I'd been going round the convention with - eventually snapped at someone who thought I was just putting it on. Also "Merida" got to shoot "Joffrey" before the Purple Wedding, so that was fun.) So, I guess I'm trying to say that for kids? I don't mind going into character. When I'm being Merida? I'm the one they can trust and know that they can come up and get hugs (which yes, has happened) and as long as the parent/guardian is nearby it all tends to work out quite well. For kids, being in character gives them the experience of meeting whoever it is you're cosplaying as - sure, look at the photo doing the rounds of the kid who got lost at a con and only calmed down on finding "The Flash" and "Wonder Woman." As for experiences with troublemakers... can't actually say I've had any of those. Maybe some heckling if I've had to walk a bit from transport area to convention area, but nothing too bad. Which, surprising, because I'm used to getting all sorts of taunts. But, as X-Man pointed out, Glasgow's actually quite welcoming to it all. If it's from something they recognise, you'll likely get yells that consist of a phrase connected to whatever it is you're dressed as. Edinburgh will get there, eventually. ... Sorry for rambling on a bit.
  4. Hard to think it's less than two weeks away now. I've actually managed to stick with the Susan Sto Helit cosplay, and am really looking forward to trying it out on the day @Captain_Sparrow - while it will be a pity not to see Jack hanging round, considering the amount of photos you usually get asked for I can completely see your point. Whlle be great to see you, the missus, and the kids on the day ^^ @Brian Cairns - if zombie makes a reappearance this HAS to be the year we manage to snap a photo together; we always seem to keep missing each other >< @Haku15 - Wow, you're making a full No Face costume? Oh, that will be amazing to see!
  5. Con is coming up relatively soon - four weeks today and it'll be done! (by day, anyway). Are cosplays sorted, or are we having last minute switches? I know I'm someone who does that a lot; currently looking for a Wonder Woman costume with no particular con in mind
  6. I think I'll add to the more Game of Thrones guests wishes - I mean, Richard Madden's got family up Glasgow way, he could sneak in a visit to them while he's here It'd be cool to get some of the actors of those characters who we all love as well like.... Joe Dempsie, Gwendoline Christie, Rory McCann (another Scot!), Michelle Fairely, Finn Jones,... Actually I'd better stop there, my list could really end up going on and on. I think there's still some filming going on for Doctor Who atm, so I don't think we're likely to get any of the current cast, but another could of past cast members would be cool. Otherwise... yeah, I think I'm going to repeat my request for Horrible Histories/Yonderland actors. The Idiots (not insulting them, according to tvtropes it's their collective name that was coined by one of them on twitter) would probably enjoy meeting up at a convention. Oh! Also Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy - they said at LFCC last year they'd love to go to a Glasgow convention as both of them love getting to visit Scotland. Plus those two are just sheer fun.
  7. Oh, are UKCM going to be there? Always do enjoy going along and having a look/chat with them. If Michael Biehn is going to be there, he'd probably get a kick out of the Alien Hive.
  8. Hm, it might perhaps be a little too close to call, but would it be possible to get any of the Horrible Histories/Yonderland cast? Their new film, Bill, will be released on the 21st August, so they'll likely be doing UK press type things...
  9. Hm... How about Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy? They did LFCC last year, and looked interested in the idea of coming to a Scottish convention. Plus, they are a ton of fun so even if you didn't grow up with Power Rangers you'd probably find yourself having a laugh with those two.
  10. With all due respect to Sir Terry Pratchett, I am going to finally try to put together my Susan Sto Helit, Grandaughter of Death cosplay.
  11. Okay so along with the two ideas I already had, I've come up with one more, which ... would actually be a lot of fun if I did it. Erm... Peter Pan, anyone?
  12. Hey everyone! It'll be fantastic to see what you all come up with in terms of cosplay this year; 'cause you really are a creative bunch and it's always awesome seeing all the fantastic costumes! I do actually have ... two cosplay ideas at the moment, both of which are fesible, one more so than the other. Of course, it's the other that's calling to me more, and it'll require a lot more work than I think I'm capable of. It'd also require a sewing machine and one of those is something I do not have, or have access to. Boo. (Unless Lidl still have a couple on deal...) But yes! I do have a few tried and trusted in stand-by if my ideas don't work out. Merida is a possibility, and then there's also Miss Piggy.
  13. See you all there in a few hours! I'm sure everyone' cosplay will be awesome!
  14. Really looking forward to Saturday, and to seeing you all! Costume is all ready, as are the needed props, so all that is needed now is to get there! Seriously; it'll be awesome seeing you all, and feel free to come up and go all "hiii" to me (because I am fail and forget to hunt people down for pictures)
  15. @Captain_Sparrow - You'll do brilliantly! Just remember; you are Jack, and Jack does not care about the looks people give him. Unless they are pleasant looks in which case he is interested Lol, nah, seriously though, you'll probably just get people wanting photographs. Again. Can't go anywhere without getting mobbed when in costume, can you? Right: In answer to LuckyLorri's question: I just tend to go in costume. Granted, I usually come with my Dad and my brother and because of ~reasons~ we bring the car. (The main reason being it would be two or more buses to get to the damn place, and half of the time buses in my area work on a 'show up if we feel like it' basis. There are others, but that's the main) That being said; I have walked around Glasgow in odd costumes and you usually just get people asking what the costume is form. I mean, like Brian said, you do sort of end up as a walking advertisement for the event, which is always good. Though; did anyone seen the recent issue of Doctor Who Magazine? CG has a half page ad in it!
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