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  1. Yep can we please get sly??? It is possible!! He is doing more events now, audience with and he did do a con is the states. I've been lucky and met him twice at audience with but would love to meet him again and get chance if a in person autogtaph and would be happy to pay the top rate as I am sure other fans would too.
  2. I got a great qoute from the one and only James Remar Who wrote on my baseball bat I'll shove that bat up your ass and turn you into a Popsicle Brilliant and I dudnt even ask he just wrote it. Great guest and up there with MJF and sigourney weaver for me anyway
  3. SYLVESTER STALLONE Ok the prices I would expect to be high for autographs and photos but I am Sure there would be a high demand for such worldwide star!! I am one who would Pay no matter costs!! How about showmasters ????? Diamond guest Autograph and photo with sly
  4. Here is my hope list William zabka Martin cove ( missed him last time ) Mark hamill Any guest from the last dragon
  5. No he wasn't, he was £20. Actually he was 15 pounds in Saturday as I got a auto from him and returned on Sunday to find they put the price up to 20.
  6. Yep I paid 15 on Saturday then decided on Sunday to get another auto and handed 15 over and was told it's 20??? I didn't want to make a fuss at time. In my opinion that shouldn't happen, you can't charge one price then decide to up it next day. I believe the reason for the rise is Thomas saw ralph getting 25 and thought hey I think I can get more for me! Don't get me wrong I would happily pay 20 for Thomas as I think it would be more than worth it but changing prices is wrong in my eyes Still had a great time and c Tomas was a real nice friendly guy
  7. Ok guys well done in bringing fisher back, always great to see a top Star Wars guest now any chance if getting mark hamil ? Been a good while since he has done a show here in the uk ??
  8. Wow great guest. Starred in one of the best 89s flicks the hitcher. Funny watching spiderman other night and though hey now that's a guest I would like to meet. well done SM
  9. Any chance we can have more a mixture of guests as there are 13 dr who guests?
  10. Any chance if getting the emperors throne photo shoot for glasgow, gutted I missed it a lfcc
  11. If you're referring to my comment ... no. There are two contradictory arguments coming from the Scots to the English, not just in this thread but in general. The first is that we are one country and should be treated as such, the second is that we are two seperate countries and should be treated as such. The Scots can't have different bank notes and then expect an Englishman who's never seen them before to NOT question them. That's just silly. If the Scots want different bank notes, fine! No worries. But realise that they will cause problems South of the border. If the Scots don't want problems South of the border, don't have different currency. It can't be both ways. "Here are our differences, we are proud of our differences. Oh my god, you're confused by our differences; racist!" Why should the scots have the same bank notes as the English ? Why not the English use our notes then problem solved ;-)
  12. Yes you are correct with what you are saying but works both ways, if a Scottish event or shopkeeper decided to not accept bank if England notes then they are within there right to refuse it!
  13. Ok sorry my mistake on notes being tender but neither is Bank of England notes legal tender here in Scotland but we never question it Came across this in my research Are Scottish bank notes legal tender? No, not even in Scotland, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be used. It simply means most people don't understand what legal tender is (see below). Bank of England notes are only legal tender in England and Wales, meaning there are no legal tender notes in Scotland at all.
  14. Correct, I have to say my money had never been refused but to be questioned is bad enough. Prob out of the 12 times I handed cash over I was asked about 6 times which is ridiculous. On one occasion the girl laughed and said oh Scottish money held it up and made a joke about it! Now I have a good sense of humor but I would prefer take my cash and don't joke or question it.
  15. Fair point but why should you have to unless your out of cash ?
  16. First let me say great show showmasters 👍👍 Ok I have a bit of a gripe. I attend most shows down south and On most occasions when I hand over my Scottish notes I am questioned about this. The staff who take my cash look at it as if it's foreign cash and even ask other staff members is this genuine ??? Thankfully there are some people with the common sense to realise it is legal tender. I must admit I find this really offensive and embarrassing and I am fed up explaining that it is legal tender. I have spoke to fellow scots who have had same problem and are are also fed up with this! I would greatly appreciate is staff are made aware of this if taken money.
  17. Now that's what I call a big guest announcement. Such a iconic 80s movie. I have always wanted to get the chance of meeting ralph and now I have thanks to you showmasters. I have been out painting the fence and waxing the car since this announcement. Cannot wait for this one.
  18. Fisher next hamill please pleaser show masters ? I am sure you can pull this out if bag. I was planning a trip to California next year for a event to meet hopefully meet fisher, hamill and mcdairmid so now you have 2 out if 3 please thus will save me a fortune.
  19. Can't wait this is the best show ever with the best guests and this event is better than any other show out there. Oh and this latest announcement is costing me a DIVORCE. Thank you ;-) so get HAMILL now as well it's the least you can do for costing me my marriage
  20. Sorry queen_ sindel just excited. Now just get Hamill now
  21. Brilliant news, no wait amazing news. Need to book my Photoshoot now and Great addition to my stormtrooper helmet. Now please get. Mark hamill, who cares THE cost.
  22. We have Fisher, mcdairmid, mayhew now please Please get. Mark Hamill no matter the cost.....
  23. Checked the premier in a d its 70-80 odds for that date
  24. Hey guys, Anyone know of a mega cheap hotel near venue? Thinking might stay as was going sat but would like to get Paul Blake and couple of others so if I can get cheap hotel then good times
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