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  1. Will be comins as Heartseeker Ashe on Day 1, not tooo sure what imma do Day 2 but i'll think of something.
  2. Are the UKCM going to be along this year as per usual? I've not heard anything from them, and with Michael Biehn there, I was hoping they'd have their Alien Hive set back so I could maybe get a photo with Corporal Hicks in front of it!
  3. not too sure yet wanna make something new for each day
  4. Looking for any photos ofmeeee. Saturday i was wearing a truckload of belts and leather and fur Sunday I was wearing a red top hat, spats and tailcoat with white facepaint
  5. Finally finished my Mad Moxxi Wig (totally didn't take me 5 hours)
  6. Tried out the makeup, opinions? Suggestions? Tomatoes?
  7. Yeah i would get ready there but the "Cosplay Changing Facilites" Don't Exist, As my first year the storm troopers kicked us out so they could store their stuff. One year i had a really expensive and heavy costume and I couldn't wear it from home, i had to bring it in a suitcase and change in the public bathrooms and wheel the suitcase with me as i went until the cosplay desk let me leave it with them. So massive crowd of people just show up in costumes
  8. Aww thanks Swanny! I'mone of the cosplay guest stars again this year so i will be at a stall, doing some panels and also judging the contest so you will see me kicking about.
  9. feel lucky, i gotta take the bus like super early by myself xD
  10. Claymore, this is my 7th year, and with you and Kenny together you two are going to fecking mobbbed all day for photos I think it was last year Kenny couldn't get out of the car park cause people wanted that many photos xD
  11. I do this for every character, end up hating it and then when i wear it to the event people compliment me and ask for photos and i feel a whole lot more positive about it (sounds a wee bit big headed of me lol)
  12. I'm not too confident with so much on show as i'm a bit on the marshmallowey side so this costume is basically my test of getting the baws to wear it and buck up my self confidence a wee bit, so i'm nit picking and finding faults everywhere xD
  13. Woooo a few more of my Mad Moxxi Components were shipped. Just need to add stripes to the jacket and cell shade the clothes, finish the megaphone and get a wig. Lulu i'm waiting on a new corset to add fur to and re arange the beltt skirt and make new hairsticks. Coming together :3
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