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We are pleased to announce that JAMES COSMO is now able to join us at EMS next weekend.


James will be appearing on Sunday. Photo shoot tickets are now available on the online shop.


Jeor Mormont - Game of Thrones

Father Kellan Ashby - Sons of Anarchy

Finn Rourke - Castle

Hengist - Merlin

Galder Weatherwax - The Colour of Magic

Mr. Renton - Trainspotting

Campbell - Braveheart

Angus McLeod - Highlander


CLICK HERE for his full filmography



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Can I ask, is this the second 'big' guest you gust were talking about? Or is SHE still to come? Haha


I wouldn't of thought so based on the fact he was announced for a previous con without the build up or at least I hope not no offence to James Cosmo


Haha, I know mate, no offence to SM but this year's lineup is mainly male guests, and unless you're a GOT or Who fan, it's not that great.


I'm wishing I hadn't booked my hotel, could've saved some money..all i'm asking is for a sci-fi babe lmao.

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Yes!!! Been thinking bout who big guest would be all day and my first chance to get on forum and chuffed its GoT related. Awesome news, was gutted when James could not attend last time :-). Thanks again SM!

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