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  1. Is it a phone only -prop or can you get your photo taken on your digital camera as well?
  2. Amazing job bringing him back! Happy for him and us! And anyone considering, he is truly wonderful and lovely person! I'm even considering another photo op myself.
  3. I have booked Premier Inn Kensington Olympia for four nights, costs £539 and is about 10 mins walk. Ibis Shepherd's Bush is also good like Chris suggested.
  4. Worked like a charm! Even Tom Atkins took note and mentioned that again when I was getting his autograph. Definately something I continue to do. (I hadn't tried this earlier either)
  5. No problem! I haven't had time to re-watch Xena either, but I did watch Ties That Bind again, mostly so that I got screen captures of him. Every now and then SM gives us some minor characters, I'll take whoever I can! lol
  6. Aren't you going to meet Tom Atkins, Sassy? He played Atrius in season 1. :)
  7. Last year they had at least 22 cancellations, big names mostly. It will always be the same, no matter what, there will always be cancellations. For me, Ted has been the only guest who I wanted to meet and who cancelled so I consider myself very lucky!! You just have to remain positive. SM are very good at getting rare guests to attend so I'm sure Ted will be there one day, or better say on three days. lol It will be a great weekend, even without Ted, trust me!
  8. Thank you so much, etmuse! This is wonderful! The only thing I might add is that for Sunday, the alphabetical order is somewhat mixed up. At first, I couldn't find Richard Wilson at all. And so, what a horror, I had to manually add him to my Excel! lol Only found him afterwards.
  9. He was also one of my most wanted guests so very sad about his cancellation. I'm just hoping SM can get him back, maybe next year!
  10. Amazing. Just take my money, all of it. Really want to have his autograph, so another Diamond Pass it is. Thank you SM!
  11. It will be such an honor to meet Tom. I already had the pleasure in my very first Collectormania: MK, but I would not want to miss another chance! Thank you so much SM!
  12. I am so happy with this announcement! And what a bargain for a Xena fan such as myself! Maybe one photo isn't just enough! :)
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