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  1. Great guest announcement, was devastated when she cancelled the day before last time, so looking foward to meeting her this time - price is higher then last time, but it could have been alot worse, didnt really have to think much before seeing the announcement and buying a ticket.
  2. When are the photos going on the shop? cant seem to see any yet?
  3. Id love it if my guess was right, but also hate it as he will be 30+ and or a diamond guest, and i really dont want to be spending this sort of money this year....but the burning devil face.... Stephen dillane!
  4. so, i got everything i could afford done, had to be smart / early with alot of things but managed it, but my thoughts on things that should be reviewed - Comic zone - after speaking to some of the artists on sunday about what they thought of the weekend, alot said friday / saturday were quiet as people either couldnt get up to them, or didnt know they were there. Queueing to get in - So a couple of things with this, - Sunday, ok so you moved into the hall but there was no organsiation in the hall, just hundreds of people in a very wide area pushing to get down the line rather then single/double lines, and then get bottle necked into the small door way. - next year perhaps have barriers / check points set up half way down the queue so wrist bands / checking off can be done before the doors open to make entry faster. Photoshoot areas - The crew on the photoshoot areas did do a great job from what i saw, and helped me out alot, so well done too them. With that being said, the location of E next to the stair well was poorly chosen as it didnt help with the blocking of the stair case, and the other shoot areas near dealer tables caused blockages down the walk way (not due to crowds waiting , but that was a small factor) but from people who stood to look at stalls. Silent Auction - So i bidded on a couple of items towards the end of saturday and was told by a blue shirt that it was about to end, so i waited to collect and pay for my items, then to find some guy starting a live auction - doesnt this go against the whole point of a silent auction? Program - I bought it last year for 5 pound, for the raffle, which didnt run smooth in its exactuion, so i skipped this year, but i think considering the ticket price it should be included rather then the extra 5 pound charge. Lack of updates / Slow info - So i had a photoshoot for Kelly Hu on sunday, and when i arrived for her shoot at around 12 i got told by the blue shirt that she had to cancel sunday, and this was the first mention of it - nothing on twitter / fb / forum (forum post going up around 1.20 i think). After the event i saw people online say on saturday she knew this would be the case and htey managed to get stuff done then, so surely if it was known it was going to happen a forum post could have been done saturday so people wouldnt miss her Jonathan Pryce - I bought a photoshoot with him, which i had to skip his auto due to budget limitation. I did pass the Game of thrones guests several times on the day, and i felt bad for him as (he was a friendly guy, as i did say hello to him) as he seemed super quiet all sunday, never saw more then a queue of 3/4 with him, less after 2pm, comapared to Rose and Gemma, who have both been before so arent exactly a rare signer like him. I feel this is due to his cost being 45 - 10 pound more then Peter Dinklage. I appricate that prices are baised on what it takes to get them to the show, but he did look bored so i hope him being quiet and next to a person with a line of 25+ doesnt put him off in the future. The Sci-fi 360 camera area thing (forgots name) Bad postion, needed to be else where maybe 2nd floor near gaming, but it didnt help with blocking the hall being the cafe - then that Some of Positives that i want to have a special mention - David Bedwell - got some good pictures on twitter and his coverage of the event was good Crew lady "Sara" next to Carrie Henn - very helpful and friendly The gaming zone - was amazing and the guys on it very professional All the guests, everyone i met were a delight and gave me a good talk and fan experience.
  5. The silent auction - it ended, then became a non-silent auction - I made bids on the paper throughtout the day, went to collect if i had won any and when i arrived they were auctioning out items to people around the table - What the point of calling it a silent auction / having the day to right down bids if this happens
  6. hopefully the refunds will be swift...consdering we couldnt exchange them on the day
  7. a little gutted as was meeting her for episode in the flash, but at least thats 25 towards someone else i was planning on skipping due to budget
  8. Oh ok thanks for explaining, I'll just look out for the email then!
  9. Sorry I'm confused ....So if I ordered 10 photoshoots I'd pay 10 pound instead of 2.50 - how does that work ? What's increased? Is it email and post now?
  10. Great guest but should have been posted when it was ready to sell online - week before just seems odd Will have to get him due to him being the last orginal sg1 member I need
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