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  1. Great guest announcement, was devastated when she cancelled the day before last time, so looking foward to meeting her this time - price is higher then last time, but it could have been alot worse, didnt really have to think much before seeing the announcement and buying a ticket.
  2. Id love it if my guess was right, but also hate it as he will be 30+ and or a diamond guest, and i really dont want to be spending this sort of money this year....but the burning devil face.... Stephen dillane!
  3. so, i got everything i could afford done, had to be smart / early with alot of things but managed it, but my thoughts on things that should be reviewed - Comic zone - after speaking to some of the artists on sunday about what they thought of the weekend, alot said friday / saturday were quiet as people either couldnt get up to them, or didnt know they were there. Queueing to get in - So a couple of things with this, - Sunday, ok so you moved into the hall but there was no organsiation in the hall, just hundreds of people in a very wide area pushing to get down the line rath
  4. The silent auction - it ended, then became a non-silent auction - I made bids on the paper throughtout the day, went to collect if i had won any and when i arrived they were auctioning out items to people around the table - What the point of calling it a silent auction / having the day to right down bids if this happens
  5. hopefully the refunds will be swift...consdering we couldnt exchange them on the day
  6. a little gutted as was meeting her for episode in the flash, but at least thats 25 towards someone else i was planning on skipping due to budget
  7. Oh ok thanks for explaining, I'll just look out for the email then!
  8. Sorry I'm confused ....So if I ordered 10 photoshoots I'd pay 10 pound instead of 2.50 - how does that work ? What's increased? Is it email and post now?
  9. Great guest but should have been posted when it was ready to sell online - week before just seems odd Will have to get him due to him being the last orginal sg1 member I need
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