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  1. guardianz

    New guests

    me too :-( I have bought tickets but may not use them if no more are announced
  2. guardianz

    Guess the big Guest

    duchovny duchovny duchovny duchovny duchovny
  3. when will we get refunds as I am still waiting for a refund for 2 photoshoot tickets with mr frakes and still have not received it!
  4. we are all still waiting for david duchovny to be announced LOL
  5. guardianz

    Online Shop Closing Dates

    my god man, 15 photoshoots, do you have time for anything else i thought i was bad with just 4!!!! I have 9 photoshoots at the mo but thats over saturday and sunday lol
  6. i wont be purchasing another ticket for him as i have been messed around
  7. guardianz

    Happily Ever After Tickets

    i am going to star trek london so mine will have to wait til then
  8. guardianz

    Guest cancellation - Jonathan Frakes

    me too x cant get another photoshoot til they refund me for frakes :-(
  9. awesome :-) He was amazing in police academy
  10. guardianz

    Guest cancellation - Jonathan Frakes

    gutted... when do we get our refunds? and also... hoping to see him with the TNG cast @ DSTL in October instead ;-)
  11. OMG gremlins :-))))
  12. when are the photoshoots on sale for Thomas?