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  1. me too :-( I have bought tickets but may not use them if no more are announced
  2. duchovny duchovny duchovny duchovny duchovny
  3. when will we get refunds as I am still waiting for a refund for 2 photoshoot tickets with mr frakes and still have not received it!
  4. my god man, 15 photoshoots, do you have time for anything else i thought i was bad with just 4!!!! I have 9 photoshoots at the mo but thats over saturday and sunday lol
  5. i wont be purchasing another ticket for him as i have been messed around
  6. i am going to star trek london so mine will have to wait til then
  7. me too x cant get another photoshoot til they refund me for frakes :-(
  8. gutted... when do we get our refunds? and also... hoping to see him with the TNG cast @ DSTL in October instead ;-)
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