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  1. This is not something I normally do (as any member of the longstanding crew will veryify ) but I would just like to say a very big thank you to everyone who worked with me this weekend on the sales desk. This was an exceptionally busy weekend for us - and I had a high proportion of either new crew or people who had not worked the desk before. Wow guys you worked your backsides off ! Although we had a few very irate customers, you were all polite, and did not panic in any way. Sales desk is sometimes a thankless job, but obviously a very necessary one. It can be manically busy for most of the morning, and often you get complained at for something that is quite often beyond your control. I can honestly say I was proud of you all - and from the amount of people who actually came back and thanked us you were very successful at what you were doing I won't name anyone in particular as you were all a great team, and I hope I haven't scared you all away from working with me again so once again congratulations and a huge thank you
  2. Thanks to all of you who voted for Jordan in this, it is a fabulous feeling to know your friends are supporting you every step of the way as Jordan pursues his dream! The fifty pounds will almost pay for his monthly ice training fees, or it will cover a lesson for an hour and a half (need to be rolling in it for this sport!) To give you an idea of how expensive it is - his costs last year came to over 15 thousand pounds, and if it wasn't for my fantastic mother who helps him an awful lot, and for friends like Jason, Mark, Dawn (who is always trying to get him noticed), and now Alex, and Rhi (who should be personal polling booths lol), as well as all of you guys who vote for stuff like this - i have no idea how i would find the money. Jordan and his partner have been together for six months now, and have done their first competition over the last two days. They have qualified for the British Championships in November, in the novice ice dance couples section, on their first attempt with 5 points over the score they needed. This is a massive accomplishment for them and bodes very well for the future. Jordan will also qualify in two weeks time for the Solo ice dance championships in July. If he can win this it will be his third championship title - he has already won the Junior and Intermediate British Solo titles, so fingers crossed for this year. And if this wasn't enough - he is going to take his level 9 test next month. If he passes this it means he can go for the free skating qualifier as well. So with a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work before the end of this year my son will definitely be competing at two, and possibly three British Championships! So once again - a massive thanks to those who helped. And for those on my facebook the photos are on my profile page xx allison
  3. Well i have just seen it on the big screen and it is awesome! Mind you it helped that i had said big screen to myself - no one eating and interrupting my viewing pleasure :)
  4. I was one of the women taking the cash - I have dark hair and glasses, and was at the second cash desk. I was shouting "next please" quite loudly but I don't remember being rude - if it was me i sincerely apologise if i offended you or anyone else - we were quite busy and trying to make sure that everyone saw Mr Stewart who wanted to. We always try to be polite - but obviously sometimes we come across as loud, or people don't like us. Most of us collect autographs and like to meet the guests also, and we do sympathise when there are problems. I hope you had a good day otherwise. Allison
  5. Lanky git - you wouldn't be talking about me would you luv ya really Sarcy bag
  6. Thanks for all the well wishes and support you guys have given me Jordan had another competition yesterday which he came 2nd in - so 3 podiums in 2 weeks aint bad lol, and we now have a possibility of some kind of sponsorship from my dads workplace so keep fingers crossed. He has recently paired up with a new partner - her name is emily and they now start the run up to British couples with both of them taking tests this week and next. Here he is with her messing around for photographer at Guildford yesterday(credit for the photo goes to foto solution photography with many thanks.) This is a lift - even if it looks like it was shot from above lol. Also Callums medal pic( my own photo )
  7. I got this - sent you an email back telling you account had been jacked!
  8. For those of you who have met my sons This week i am the proudest mum in the world! Callum (my mini David Beckham) managed to get his football team to their first ever final in our biggest area tournament - They were narrowly beaten , but the team played fantastically well to get there against some very strong opposition. Jordan (my mini Christopher Dean) yesterday became the British Junior Solo Ice Dance Champion. His new partner Emily came 3rd in the primary ladies Championship. They now go on to try and qualify for the couples championship in November, which if they attain the mark needed will lead to British Championships for the couples (which is the first big step to a career in ice skating) How cool are they both
  9. Hey guys, i have 2 tickets for the concert on friday in london's Hyde park. I am looking for face value for them which is 65 pounds each, but arrangements would have to be made to pick them up from me - you can ring my mobile - any of the crew who know me can give it or you can email me bookall@aol.com Obviously this is very close - these are general admission tickets, and i live in reading. Tickets can be picked up from me at home, or i can meet you if it is reasonably close. Allison
  10. Hey we need a kiss my a** smilie!
  11. I am the sarcastic member of the crew who hates having her photo taken so
  12. How about Today we celebrate our INDYpendance Alien chestbuster - Crew is busting out all over/ Break out of your shell. Ollivander Twist - okay crap but sorry couldnt resist! Holding out for a hero Talking bout my Generation In space no one can hear you Gate crash the crew party
  13. bookall

    C13 Pics

    Wow Giles ! Those photos are fabulous - very natural and relaxed looking
  14. A pleasure as usual to work with you and your other half Apologies for the bad temper - you kind of got ragged on a bit on the sunday and monday - and i know it wasn't easy for you either. Hope Sarah and yourself have recovered. XX Ally
  15. The City Inn in Westminster has dvd player in the room.
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