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  1. Well I did try looking at going ot Paddington first then on to Brighton, but it's still out of my budget, I'll catch the next LFCC Summer next year. Hope everyone gets things sorted and enjoys the show.
  2. If you change at Gatwick it takes just over 2. That's the route I used to use for Reading festival. :-) With respect, I checked all routes on the trainline site, even putting in via Gatwick and it's over 3hrs inc 3 changes, via North Camp & Reigate and costs more! I checked on thetrainline site and tried all kinds of routes. In fact afaik even driving would take about 2hrs. I can take the train to London for £17 return and get there in about 30mins. Ah well best book my tickets for Joshcon!
  3. Takes just over 3hrs on train from reading and costs at least £35 so definitely out for me Shame I wanted to do my zombie schoolgirl for George A Romero!
  4. And I was going to pop down to London for this, it only costs me £17 return on the train Brighton's a nightmare to get to from Reading.
  5. Pinkflamingo I won't be able to see him then as I'm going to a local con during the day and then I'm DJing with a burlesque troop in the evening. Anyway keep up the good work and remember haters gonna hate! I regulary dress when I DJ and I've been asked to compere and DJ for a local charity festival as well as being the opening act for Pride 2 years running. If I ever see you either at a con or wherever I'mm make sure I stick some cash in your bucket.
  6. Hello people, I am testing a cosplay outfit this weekend at a local Con. I'm fairly certain I'm going to LFCCW seeing as Mr Romero is coming. Soooooo...... what do you think of this idea? I found this thing on eBay, it's a schoolgirl outfit but it's like a long tunic/t-shirt dress, I'm adding a mask, wig, blood splattered white stockings and going to splatter the outfit with fake blood. The thing is I'm not sure what shoes to wear! I have got an old pair of boots that would bother getting blood on, but I've also got a pair of ladies flats (I'm trans) Both are comfortable so that's not an issue, but which do you think would be best? This is the outfit with the boots & shoes: (not me in the pic!) This is the mask & wig: Also if anyone wants to add thier questions/ideas/handy tips, please feel free
  7. Claudia Black Michael Shanks Joe Flanigan Rachel Luttrell David Hewlett Jason Momoa Torri Higginson Paul McGillion David Nykl Jewel Staite Amanda Tapping Robert Picardo Mitch Pileggi Christopher Heyerdahl Patrick Stewart Wraith (in makeup) Noah Wyle Anyone from Rocky Horror Show (40th Anniversary) Saul Rubinek Baymax That'll do I think! Oh and nice to see someone else who likes Continum @twinzz :)
  8. is there a sub forum for LFCC winter 2015?
  9. I see he's coming to Reading station in October, I go there every day around 4:30pm so I'll drop some cash in his bucket if he's there
  10. Although on eBay the other day I saw a photo signed by Eddie Izzard with a guy's name on it - they were asking £50 for it too!
  11. If you've got a ticket for Sunday I'll meet you in trap 2 of the gents lavatory at Olympia station and slip you something for it!
  12. Thanks David, means a lot to have someone to say that. I know I'm used to 'dressing up' with being trans* but this was the first time I've stepped into the realm of cosplay. There were some awesome outfits & I was nervous that I would be laughed at. Anyway I'll be going again next year. Not sure what as, seriously thinking of trying to stave off my fast approaching 50's doing a lolita, kwaii or Japanese maid/schoolgirl type outfit
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