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  1. Many thanks. Do they take card at the sales desk?
  2. Will it be possible to purchase showmasters gift vouchers at the LLFC event?
  3. My main tips. Get in the queue early.. like 7am! That way you will probably be in Olympia about 9:15ish. As you make your way through the entrance... walk..... don't run... (I was told off last time "NO RUNNING" lol) so changed to a brisk pace and get VQ tickets as quick as you can for the guests you want to meet. Then you can enjoy the con and go back to see the guests you want later during the day as you will have a very low VQ ticket and will get in. Also download the site plan which will show were each guest will be so you know where you are going straight away.
  4. Check out this bad boy! Dolph Lundgren and Carl Weathers autos definitely going on here this year!!!! Can show masters try and invite Talia Shire and Burt Young to an event.
  5. Apollo 13 Poster signed by Bill Paxton & Marc McClure
  6. That's the best way, like you said holding it up so you can see the complete item and see who signed where is the best bet if an attendee is getting something signed with the thought of maybe selling it but it might not always be possible obviously given how busy some guests are. The bronze looks ok on the BTTF one, it's hard with pictures that have a lot of colours in them as nothing really totally matches. Although it doesn't really show up very well due to the flash flare, the bronze pen on my black Sherlock picture looks quite nice IMO because of the solidness of both colours. You Aliens one works really well because the white/silver sig is in just the right place against the darker portion of the background to be framed perfectly. Really like your Star Gate poster especially with the white signatures. I actually might buy a white sharpies pen as I have not seen any on the guests tables before. Also Wrong Name, with the MJF signatures remember you have your diamond pass and I would assume photo with MJF to prove that you met him so that will help you (anyway that's what I'm hoping lol). This is going to sound really funny.. but I have been thinking about getting a Go Pro camera. I have seen a few videos on youtube with people using GoPro walk around and also going up to guests. Maybe that will be a little extreme lol just to prove authenticity lol.
  7. It's one of my favourites. It's one of the ones I now have framed up on my wall. Really cool posters. Really like the Aliens, The Worlds End, BTTF and Star Wars..... I would say that signatures on a dark background actually look better with a silver pen. What do you think? Also when you get your posters signed, do you also try and take a photo with the guest just to be able to prove and authenticate the poster? (just in case you want to sell in the future). When I get home I'll take a few more pictures of some posters.
  8. Sorry I just could not resist, just seen this new topic of film posters and just thought I would share my latest poster purchase, a 1983 Quad return of the Jedi poster that I will be starting to get signed this year by Dave Prowse, Kenny Baker, Jeremy Bulloch. Has anyone else got any posters they have had signed that they would like to share?
  9. Will diamond passes be available for purchase at the event on the day? Or are they only available in advance online? I really want to get Dolph Lundgren autograph but have not yet got a diamond and will probably risk on the Sunday with a VQ ticket. However if by 3:30pm I have had no luck I may have to run to the ticket office and buy a diamond. lol. ahhh decisions decisions haha
  10. Just purchased a Star Wars Return of the Jedi UK Quad poster and looking forward to getting Dave Prowse, Jeremy Bulloch, Kenny Baker signatures. I just wish I started a few years ago, could of had Carrie Fisher.
  11. I appreciate what you are saying and I was hoping for a diamond pass announcement. I'm surprised Mads Mikkelson was not a diamond. Still he is a very good guest announcement.
  12. So excited for this guest announcement. Get your credit cards out ready for a diamond pass lol
  13. Yes... but what would you ask him to say?... "I must break you"...."If he dies he dies"...... I have THE POWER!!!!!. what about I'm all ears lol
  14. Yes... but what would you ask him to say?... "I must break you"...."If he dies he dies"...... I have THE POWER!!!!!.
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