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  1. Hotels

    Yes I have. It's really good value for money. I got mine at £161 this year cos I'm only doing Friday and Saturday.
  2. what usually goes on apart from the GOT talk? Seems interesting lol
  3. I'm not sure what day I will be cosplaying as the 13th doctor (probably Saturday since Peter Capaldi is there), if I see ya there, I'll try and grab a pic with you!
  4. Right, before I start this, my apologies if this has already been started (I cannot see it on the threads part that's all!) So who are you cosplaying as at this year's London Film And Comic Con? I'm going to be hopefully cosplaying as the Pink Ranger from Power Rangers Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel and the 13th Doctor (post regeneration Twice Upon A Time).
  5. Latest Guest Announcement - CLARE HIGGINS

    Yay! I might as well get her photoshoot when I can afford it, I'm gonna be cosplaying as the thirteenth doctor (in her predecessors clothing from Twice Upon A Time) and think it would be awesome to get a photo with some DW guests!
  6. Latest Guest Announcement - GATES MCFADDEN

    sweeeeeeetttttt! another one to add to my ST TNG Monopoly board!
  7. Cosplay thread

    double post lol
  8. Will do. What is the email address?
  9. I have a HUGE question lol (hence why I put huge in caps XD). I'm excited to get Christopher Lambert's autograph, however, I know with the line, it'll be diamond pass first, then gold, then regular passes (those whom didn't buy either diamond or gold), but because I'm disabled, I will have a wristband to say that I am on, I am unable to stand in a line, would I be able to get Christopher's autograph IF I didn't buy a diamond or gold pass?
  10. Cosplay props/weapons

    Well, got a shock when I opened the box, it's a two tone gun which is even more better than the standard blue colour I thought that I had got since it said "in blue", it will have an orange tip by the time Collectormania comes around. The magazine won't eject which is a good thing as I only plan to use it as a prop and nothing else (no bb gun games for me, I don't even know how to play that lol and I don't see the point considering the speed that this gun CAN eject the bb pellets is damn fast and it would hurt like hell!).
  11. Cosplay props/weapons

    I did, but I wasn't sure if that was what it was Queen Sindel. Edit: I might send it back and get this one instead as a replacement -
  12. Guest Suggestions

    How about some power ranger guests like - Blake Foster Karan Ashley Jason Faunt Erin Cahill Michael Copon Cameron Jebo Andrew Gray Steve Cardenas Johnny Yong Bosch Nakia Burrise
  13. Cosplay props/weapons

    Yeah, anyone COULD spray paint a gun blue; however, it's made of blue plastic, so it's not gonna be spray painted, however, I was going through some other cons rules and they have this up, so I would assume it works for Collectormania then "Realistic imitation firearms such as accurate plastic pistols or rifles, airsoft guns, or BB guns are allowed (if legal!) with a brightly coloured tip on the end of the muzzle of the gun OR if they have significantly brightly coloured portion. This does not have to be permanently fixed to the item and can be removed for photographs if fitted back in place immediately afterwards."
  14. Cosplay props/weapons

    So I know I sent a message about ten/fifteen minutes ago; but I hope I'll be able to take this with me to collectormania next year. I know it's got a ring around it (it's black, not red or orange, but I'll see if I can get that sorted!) and it's made of ABS with some Zinc Alloy/Metal parts though it will get checked (I know cos of new rules since what happened last year with Jason David Frank), but it will be holstered at all times whilst I'm in my scooter. Edit: I know I had a check on the rules of what is fine and what isn't fine, and it says that if it has a orange or red tip (I'm not sure about black lol), it's fine as long as it doesn't fire.