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  1. Tbh I'm not trusting what the government say. It all comes down to whether or not people adhere to the rules like rule of six until that's finished or people who do not wear masks or socially distance themselves or even worse to say - spend all the time outside in parks having picnics with more than one person! At the end of the day, it's down to everybody, but that's damn well fine enough with me saying it, but for me to say "wear a mask, social distance, get your vaccine when you can!", there's always gonna be a bunch more who are like "Shut up, don't tell us what to do, we don't want t
  2. Thing is, and here's the other part to it. I don't think showmasters would risk having social distancing in LFCC, because that would only really imo mess everything up because you've gotta stand two meters away from everybody. Not only that, but the fact would be that you would have to sit in designated seats next to ones that would say "CHAIR NOT IN USE!!"
  3. I think with being optimistic, we're all gonna have to see how this goes and IF it does get cancelled, then unfortuantely it's the way it happens with the pandemic still going on. I cannot see the pandemic going away for a good couple of years tbh...maybe 2025/2026.
  4. For this year, I haven't quite sorted out what ones to do that are the two days, but one day I will be going as a Ghostbuster from The Video Game (my own character) with proton pack, ghost trap (I will have one hooked to my belt and one in the mobility scooter!), PKE meter and Goggles. If you catch me, do come and say hello! So Friday I really don't know, I may just turn up in my normal clothing, Saturday will be Ghostbusters and Sunday might be power rangers/sentai or something...idk yet lol
  5. I disagree; I think the fact that showmasters may more likely have to either cancel or postpone. Another convention (cannot name it as it's against SMs policies) has postponed until november!
  6. ^ This Thing is, is that not many people are able to get out of their homes due to this new rules that are going on starting tomorrow (i.e. pubs and salons are to be permenantly closed, resturants are staying open), and they're not allowed to go anywhere unless it's a specific reason i.e. hospital appointment, dentist appointment, working away from home etc. I think honestly you are correct, nobody from the US are gonna be willing to spend two weeks self isolating and then come to the comic con. Especially with what's going on over in America with the election (Trump-Pence vs
  7. Apparently from what's going on is that anything massive event wise i.e. LFCC, Collectormania etc will not be back up and running until next year. I can't see the likes of pubs/clubs reopening quickly if they have to place the rules of COVID-19 in like 2 meters apart etc, I honestly can see everything media and stuff we do like cinemas, conventions, shows, pubs/clubs will be reopening not at least until 2021.
  8. Just a heads up peeps, dunno if you listened to the radio, but apparently the government has put a stricter procedure with people coming in from united states or anywhere else in the world that they MUST quarantine themselves for two weeks or face a £1000 fine if they do not.
  9. Not really, it's just being careful just IN CASE the COVID-19 Virus hasn't gone away.
  10. I have to agree, it's a shame but it's necessary completely.
  11. So PM Boris Johnson has said people who are really vunerable are to self isolate for twelve weeks to try and not catch COVID19
  12. So just been watching BBC1 and Boris Johnson PM came out and said that he wants the coronavirus gone within twelve weeks with people taking lots more precautions than before.
  13. I got a email from Asda last night about extended opening times for the elderly and vulnerable being at 6am as well as Tesco now are limiting how many items one person can have now due to the coronavirus pandemic as they've now removed all traces of their "multibuy" offers and telling everybody that they can only have one item such as hand sanitiser or one big pack of toilet paper etc per shop and not per person, which will make it easier for people to get them imo.
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