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  1. Hey, been a while since I was on this forum, but not sure if this is where I could ask about it. So basically I bought (aka signed up) for the Doctor Who projects on the Showmasters Comic Con Official Autograph Shop, and I was wondering when will I be able to purchase the autographs? I noticed on the facebook page that I asked, Imperial Signings (who runs the page on facebook), commented and said that once the guests had signed the project print, the option to "pay as you go" or "buy once every signature has been gotten on the projects" would be there, however, it is not, I also was told that I would be (alongside others who signed up for the project) emailed with a picture of the autographs on the print/s, yet I never got one and had to rely on going to the page where they showed it. Is this project going to take until next year? Since I know fifty signatures is going to be next to impossible to get within one year on the Doctor Who project/s, just I don't want to build any hopes up and then find that I missed the chance to purchase the signatures. Thank you. Kieron.
  2. unfortunately that would take time for the admins to actually do that, so it's more safer just to say on facebook or twitter that so and so guest has reconfirmed or hasn't been able to reconfirm yet.
  3. Hopefully with cons resuming around September time, I'm hoping that there'll be smiling faces at LFCC. I know I'm gonna probably cry for joy because of the fact that it's been near 4 years since I attended a LFCC! Though even if there are no rules on masks, I'm still gonna wear one, just to be safe than sorry even though I've had my 2nd jab a couple weeks ago!
  4. I presume that SM are still going by the old rule for reconfirmed guests of "if they're on the site, they've reconfirmed"?
  5. Even IF you've had both doses or the one shot dose, you're still not immune technically, it's only sixty percent for AstraZenica and 88% for Pfizer and that's from the news, you can catch COVID19 but you won't suffer the effects, however you will still be able to be a carrier. My problem is, is that it's getting more and more symptomatic via the new Indian variant and I have a gut feeling that if people haven't had their 2nd shot or gone for the newer 1 shot dose, it's gonna have more cases than what we had before...but, there's the thing, I COULD be wrong, I could be totally wrong!
  6. Yes they do. They're all through the NHS app ONCE you have had your 2nd COVID19 vaccination. If you want the paper version; you can call 119 (I think it was the number) and request for it to be sent to you, you can't do it through your GP though. Also, with the case of Alice Cooper, there's more than likely now confirmation that he is going to be attending LFCC as this is on his official youtube page - "Alice Cooper is back! Catch Alice on tour this Fall with special guest, former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley. Celebrating the release of his new album, Detroit Stories, Alice will hit the road starting September 17 in Atlantic City, NJ with stops in Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Nashville and more - culminating in a performance at the 2021 Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta! VIP Tickets and Presales available tomorrow, Tuesday, May 18th at 10am local time with code SICKTHINGS. Tickets go on sale this Friday, May 21st at 10am local time"
  7. Unfortunately like I said in a different post, you won't get refunds for the tickets even if you request vouchers, because the con is going on as proceeded. The only way you'd get a refund or vouchers would be IF LFCC/Showmasters have to cancel due to government guidelines.
  8. Unfortunately you'd be wishing until you're blue in the face. COVID stuff will be the new norm. Hell, my mom said that she wouldn't be surprised to see the UK have a covid vaccination every year IF it doesn't go away. IF you want to go on holiday abroad, you NEED a certification that you have been vaccinated against covid. This is pretty much the same as anywhere else that requires you to get vaccinated i.e. Egypt or anywhere that has a huge chance of catching something i.e. Yellow Fever. Masks will be mandated for at least in my rough estimation about three years at least. America is doing one where IF you have been vaccinated, you are allowed to not wear a mask UNLESS you're in a heavy populated crowd such as football/sports games, concerts, theatres, cinemas, theme parks, shopping malls etc. Track and Trace is the same as mask mandates, it NEEDS to be kept in check and used all the time because of clubs/pubs/restaurants being forced to close their premises down due to outbreak of COVID because someone came in, didn't bother to sign in with the track and trace who had symptoms of coronavirus. I KNOW you don't like it, but for gods sake, you need to understand that this is gonna be the new "normal" for years and years to come. This isn't like the flu or cold, this can have serious repercussions on your health. Think of it this way, IF a guest suddenly got a bout of coronavirus, do you think for one second that he/she would want to attend london film and comic con or collectormania or other conventions? I don't think they would. Do you think that he/she would be willing to pay £1400 to stay in a hotel for ten days to quarantine his/herself in order to make sure he/she does not have any more symptoms and then suddenly finding out that they have symptoms which means they would have to pay another £1400 AND miss london film and comic con or collectormania etc? I don't think they would. Phew, now that's off my chest, I really do have to apologise if that sounded like a rant.
  9. They are still up on the website and on the tickets, so I would say they're still confirmed. However; I'm meeting - Sacha Dhawan - getting my doctor who monopoly board signed by him. Christopher Eccleston - same as Sacha Dhawan's auto, getting him to sign my doctor who monopoly board. Ernie Hudson - getting my Ghostbusters LP signed by him (and if I feel confident enough, may get another one for him to sign my Spirit Halloween proton pack! ...idk though lol XD) Clark Gregg - I don't know what I'm gonna get him to sign. I'm gonna see if I can get the Marvel Phase 1 collectors edition for him to sign. Ming-Na Wen - same as Clark Gregg, though I may get two autos and get a Mulan poster for her to sign since she did the voice of Fa Mulan. Meat Loaf - getting him to sign my MEAT LOAF: Hits Outta Hell LP. Sam Humphries - getting him to sign my Greatest Showman LP. Alice Cooper - getting him to sign his "Alice Cooper: Classiks" LP. That's all at the moment, hopefully there'll be more confirmed that I'll want to get.
  10. I missed the opportunity to get his auto last time, I am definitely NOT missing this, especially should showmasters get back Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi and David Tennant again!
  11. Unfortunately you won't be able to get a refund if you're unable to go, IF the con gets cancelled or postponed, then you'll get a refund.
  12. at least it's not "Abby-Normal" XD
  13. Yes, IF a guest should cancel due to reasons like i.e. conflicting events (i.e. new TV show/movie being shot and he/she is in there or in the case of Alice Cooper that he has a tour coming up for example), then you will be reimbursed for said photo shoot, the only time a ticket will not be reimbursed, is when you have bought a ticket for the comic con itself and the con goes on and you're unable to get there. It's usually only when the con cancels that they give two options - 1) tickets will be reimbursed back to your primary source of funding i.e. bank account or paypal and 2) the tickets will still be valid for the rescheduled comic con.
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