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  1. wouldn't it be funny if they had a Billy Gunn/Mark Henry double photo op? XD Nation vs DX
  2. I hope so too! I never got chance to meet them last year cos I ended up cancelling my trip to LFCC due to illness!
  3. Guest Suggestions

    These two definitely! I liked Ali's version of Claire in the Resident Evil films and I am a fan of Saints Row since Daniel Dae Kim voiced Johnny Gat in the series!
  4. Cerina is certainly lovely to talk to, I met her a while back at another con (a showmasters one) and she was very lovely to talk to, even laughed when I said that my favourite bit in Cabin Fever was the harmonica bit.
  5. I think I may get my replica WWE title signed by him! Awesome announcement!
  6. Matt & David do cons over in the US. I'm saying Hulk Hogan XD (I know I'll be wrong, but it's funny just to put Hogan in!)
  7. Latest Guest Announcement - STEVEN OGG

    For f's sake...WHO LET TREVOR PHILLIPS INTO COLLECTORMANIA?! XD Nah, just joking, but I WILL be getting a GTA V poster signed by him!
  8. Confirmed now. - Friday or Saturday - 13th doctor and the other cosplay is gonna be Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad.
  9. Yeah, I know when I got my Dishonored poster signed by Michael Madsen back at LFCC in 2014, he was surprised that someone would do that instead of bringing in the typical stuff he gets would do i.e. Free Willy, Resevoir Dogs etc. By the way, I got my Hits Out Of Hell to get Meat to sign!!! I am so happy!!! XD
  10. Well since Ninja Steel Pink might be shoved to the backburner, I was thinking of maybe doing a Wonder Woman (Justice League/BvS/Wonder Woman '17) cosplay since Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher are there lol. I don't know yet though.
  11. Who are you meeting!?

    Shane Rimmer Matt Zimmerman Peter Capaldi Meat Loaf Jason Momoa Ray Fisher Lance Henriksen
  12. Yeah, I know several celebrities are doing that now, not signing things that will end up on eBay, which is a smart move, I mean look at Robert Englund back in 2016, one guy in front of me in the queue, literally had a suitcase full of memrobilia for him to sign and I think poor Robert knew it was gonna be sold on a site like eBay. Also, Meat could have had an off day, like so many people I've talked to have said, look at William Shatner for instance, he'll sign say for example TJ Hooker at one convention, yet at another, he'll refuse outright. It's the same when Sir Roger Moore was alive, he refused sometimes to sign things that were James Bond related. At the end of the day, I guess it's up to the discretion of the guest at LFCC/Collectormania etc that are there.
  13. Thanks Queen Sindel, I was worried that's all, but you've put my mind on it now and I'll get him to sign both vinyl record covers since I am a huge fan of both his work and Rocky Horror
  14. Question, I want to take Vinyl Record covers with me for Meat to sign, is that fine? I got told on facebook by a friend that he would not sign Bat Out Of Hell (that's one) as I would like to get him to sign both Bat Out Of Hell and Rocky Horror Picture Show...but if he won't, there's no point in buying the vinyl records and I can put my money towards something else.
  15. O_O OH MY GOD....*flails around like a fangirl* I cannot say enough how I am gonna meet him! (no pun intended!)