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  1. Namine

    Guest suggestions.

    Since I've got into Discovery, I'd like to see a few more Discovery cast members attend!
  2. Namine

    Who are you meeting!?

    Honestly I would like to get BDW's auto, (not cos I'm a huge Lando fan XD) but also the fact that it makes up (sorta) for not getting Carrie's auto when she did LFCC in 2014.
  3. Namine

    Who are you meeting!?

    So I've knocked Christoper Eccleston off my list...not that I can be bothered to get his auto, it's just it's on the saturday and that's the busiest day (as I can remember lol), so doubt I'd be able to get one without a diamond pass, so will pass on him. Idk about Billy Dee Williams though, I'd like to get him to sign my star wars return of the jedi poster (which has Dave Prowse's and Peter Mayhews autos on! :D), I know he's there all weekend, but depends if he's worth getting or not since I think he's diamond pass as well. So far, the updated one is - Shatner x1 auto Koenig x1 auto Barrowman x1 auto Coleman x1 auto Leeson x1 auto
  4. Namine


    My MO is mainly to get almost all autos that I want to get who are all weekend (fri to sun), if I get them all in one go, I don't have to worry about getting any more unless they're specifically saturday or you'd need to stand in line for a while (i.e. Christopher Eccleston autograph queue). However, usually tend to get everything done in one day despite having two day ticket and spend the saturday just relaxing instead of stressing about where to go etc.
  5. Namine


    Yea it is a Spa, but cancelled that cos I got a room at the Hilton London Kensington cheaper for £150.72 for one night (twin room for me and my mom), car parking only costs £35 for the day, so that's fine. (I'm gonna see if my mom wants to go to the shopping mall on the saturday after we're done at LFCC XD)
  6. Namine

    Who are you meeting!?

    I'm aiming to get his auto, but if I can't, it's no biggie, at least I'm getting John Barrowman and Jenna Coleman on my Doctor Who Monopoly Board as well as John Leeson if I get him.
  7. Namine


    Going to be staying at the K West Hotel & Spa for one night, will cost £180.
  8. Namine

    Who are you meeting!?

    For me, so far it's - Christopher Eccleston (x1 auto) William Shatner (x1 auto) Walter Koenig (X1 auto) John Barrowman (x1 auto) Jenna Coleman (x1 auto) John Leeson (x1 auto)
  9. Yea, I know that QS (about being in disney lol), I'll make sure not to bump into anybody though, I don't wanna hurt someone.
  10. Namine

    Latest Guest Announcement - MICHAEL ENSIGN

    Nice, I can get my Ghostbusters Blu Ray cover signed!!! (Just don't ask him about prices that the Ghostbusters quoted him :P)
  11. Hey all, I think I asked this last year, but wasn't able to go due to my mom having to go into hospital (as she is my main carer and wanted to meet Peter Capaldi and Matt Smith as well), I am bringing a mobility scooter with me to the convention, however, I am worried that the con will get a bit packed for me to use it in the main Olympia halls. I guess my question is, is it fine to use my mobility scooter? This is what my scooter looks like -
  12. Namine

    Who are you meeting!?

    It's fine, I've been to numerous showmasters conventions, so I'm not bothered with anyone scaring me lol, but I'll be able to get the autos due to the fact that I'm disabled and cannot stand in lines too long due to my arthritis, so will be getting a wristband for that. I know that with DG (diamond guests), it's Diamonds first, then people with priority such as disabled congoers and then it's the gold pass line, I was fortunate enough to get my BTTF poster signed by Christopher Lloyd at that time.
  13. Namine

    Who are you meeting!?

    At the moment I've got down - John Barrowman - Auto only (I MAY go for the captain jack photoshoot) Walter Koenig - Auto only William Shatner - Auto only Jenna Coleman - Auto only Billy Dee Williams - Auto only John Leeson - Auto only I may consider getting photos with - Kane Hodder & CJ Graham (in costume)
  14. Namine

    All Things Cosplay

    So the first cosplay is definitely going to be Ninja Steel Blue Ranger from Power Rangers Ninja Steel. Second cosplay I don't know yet since I've backed away from the idea of going as Leatherface or Jason Voorhees, it's just too expensive at the moment (chainsaw prop costs £70 and mask costs £50, so there's £120), so I'm thinking it might just be my WWF mankind cosplay.
  15. Namine

    All Things Cosplay

    I'm trying to choose at the moment. Either my Power Rangers Super Samurai Red Ranger cosplay or my Power Rangers Ninja Steel Blue (female) Ranger cosplay for one and the other is either WWF Mankind or Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface or Gwenpool cosplay. I'm kinda leaning towards Texas Chainsaw Leatherface as Kane Hodder is there and he did the Leatherface stunts in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3: Leatherface