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  1. The most bizarre thing is locally to me the worst offenders throughout have been those in the 65+ year old bracket. Since most of them have now been vaccinated they have got even worse!
  2. I am with Spacecadet is here and Iceman71 on this one. My wife was gutted that she missed Robert in make up a few years ago- this would make the perfect Christmas present for her. The thing is though that this is the only photograph she would want. If the shoot doesn't happen for some reason she is going to be left with vouchers she won't use.
  3. I agree with all the above comments! The pros far outweighed the cons. It was a relaxing day, particularly when I think back to the time I attended the Stan Lee Saturday a few years ago.
  4. My wife is a huge John Simm fan. She had never met him before and I bought her a diamond pass for John Simm as part of her Xmas present. On Saturday morning my wife (who has passed that age where life begins) was acting more like a teenage school girl - 'Does this top look okay? Does my make-up look okay? etc. By the time she got to her photoshoot she was barely able to tell the difference between left and right- I think she was more nervous of meeting him than she was on our wedding day! Some say you should never meet your heroes but I am pleased to say that didn't apply to John- he was very friendly, made my wife's day and turned her temporarily back to being a teenager! Thank you John and SM- great guest.
  5. What a great guest Tom was today. My wife and I had our photo taken with him. We were at the very back of the 45 minute or so long queue in the last batch called, and Tom stood for the whole session. Tom was very gracious and I felt he greeted us no differently than the person he met at the start of the line. It's no wonder he is so popular at these events.
  6. Very friendly, very chatty and in my view very fairly priced on the autograph- great guest to meet.
  7. I had the same issue. My photo with Ade in A was excellent but my three photos in B were fairly poor quality. Despite the poor quality of the photo, Michelle still looked great Please don't get me started on the Pamela photo though- I haven't looked at it again since the day it was taken (probably because I can still see lights before my eyes even now)
  8. Lovely guest to meet. I would have been more than happy to take her home to meet my Mum- I am not sure my wife would have been too happy about that though Great to see you at the show Michelle and great guest Showmasters
  9. Overall I thought it was a great day. Showmasters do lots brilliantly, but issues such as VQ tickets seem to come up fairly regularly at events. It was a little bit irritating today but it didn't spoil my day. I still can't believe however that the best way to organise photoshoot queues is by one man trying to shout across a noisy hall though........
  10. Thanks for the heads up Spacecadet is here - I did exactly what you said!
  11. As I have purchased a Diamond Pass for the first time please can you tell me where I collect it from on the day? If the answer is already elsewhere on the Forum (and I've missed it!) a link would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  12. It appears that some photos are less worse than others (having had first hand experience of seeing those taken immediately before and after mine)- mine looks very light and unnatural. The most bizarre thing of all though is that Pamela looked far better in the flesh than she does in my photo as a result of the flash. I also look far worse in the photo than normal ( which, unlike Pamela, is fair to middling on a good day :-) ). When I raised it at the time I was told at the shoot that the lighting was the guest's choice but I wasn't told I could ask for a refund.
  13. I went as general admission. Overall I found every aspect of the day very good, be it getting to the venue, parking, getting in, getting advice, getting autographs and photoshoots. The usual issues around photoshoots remains year on year but having attended for so many years I know it is going to happen so I never fret about it- I know I am going to get my photo taken so I always stay relaxed in the middle of the melee My one sole gripe tghis year was my photoshoot with Pamela (covered in another thread)- the quality of the picture is terrible as a result of the bizarre lighting choice- thankfully though the 'coronas' in front of my eyes have disappeared today!
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