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  1. evilfairie

    London Comic Con Spring for 2019!

    I also just noticed that the Gold Pass price on the website is £150 but on Eventbrite it's £160.
  2. evilfairie

    Photo orientation

    My Paul McGann one was done in portrait too, I was surprised but quite happy with it.
  3. evilfairie

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Well I don't think you are supposed to exactly, it was just VERY obvious that I'd moved, the pose I was going for was a facing the camera pic and I thought the other pic could be blurred quite easily. It was just luck that it wasn't I guess. So glad you had a fab time and enjoyed meeting your idol.
  4. evilfairie

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Oh rather a long story but here goes.... When it got to my turn, David said hi, how are you? etc and I started answering saying, am good thank you and accidentally turned my head at the exact split second the photographer took the pic (couldn't help myself, so instinctive to look at someone when I talk to them) I immediately apologised, so embarrassed and asked if we could take it again, the photographer looked at the pic and said yes so I had another pic taken where I was good and stood very very still . Went to collect my pic and the one with me facing front came out so I took it and went just outside the exit to put it away, as I sat there a guy came out and said...oh your re take pic came, did you want to choose which one you wanted?? so I went back in and the lady showed me the other pic, stood there for about 5 mins with her debating on which one I wanted, she thought the one where I seem to be gazing at him in awe was great so in the end I said, yeah, I'll have that one. Put it away and did my bag up...the lady then sort of shoved the other pic towards me and I was all, really? I can have it? She said, yeah, go on. So I thanked her, took it and ran, not believing my luck. So yeah, two pics with David. The second pic with Pearl came about because she got blinded by the flash as we had the pic taken so asked to have it done again. So once again, was packing my photo away in my file nicely when the other one came out of the printer and the lady working them handed it to me too, so yeah, 2 pics with Pearl as well. Blooming lucky I guess.
  5. evilfairie

    What did you get signed?

    Only got the one auto and as it was such a last minute thing I grabbed myself this one whist getting @Raylenth her standard Dr.Tenth book. Had a nice little chat with David about the book, he thought it was cute and hadn't seen this edition before.
  6. evilfairie

    Post your LFCC photos here.

    Loving everyone's pics, finally worked out how to use Flickr and then get them to show up here so these are my pics from Sunday. I ended up with 2 pics with Pearl and David Duchovny which was lovely and unexpected.
  7. evilfairie

    The “Thank You” Thread

    I'd like to add my thanks to Showmasters, and all the wonderful crew for making my first ever LFCC such a great experience. I only decided to attend on the Sunday 16 days before the event, I went a bit overboard in my excitement and bought 8 photo shoots as well as Peter Capaldi's and Meat Loaf's talks so with the addition of a last minute Diamond Pass for David Tennant I had a LOT to do in just the one day. Apart from David's Tardis shoot being a bit of a mess when we first arrived, it was soon sorted and us Diamond Pass holders were let through to get our pics. With the help of @Raylenth guiding me and helping me get my bearings ( not a mean feat for someone with no sense of direction what so ever ) I managed to get all my shoots, see pretty much all of both talks and have time for a little look around the stalls etc at the end. I'd also like to thank the lovely lady at the sales desk in helping me with the smooth and efficient refund of my accidental purchase of the 2 David Duchovny Diamond Passes in the manic panic of trying to purchase the DT ones as I was stressing out about this big time. In fact I was shocked to see that my refund has come through into my bank account today, even before the actual payment has been taken
  8. evilfairie

    What did you get signed?

    You are most welcome. Working in a book department has its perks. It was lucky we had them ( and that I eventually remembered to buy Dr Fifth and then scramble to buy Dr Tenth at the last possible minute ( and my wrong David DP fiasco before getting my train)
  9. evilfairie

    Latest Guest Announcement - DAVID TENNANT

    Got my Duchovny tickets refunded. So relieved. Now I can enjoy my day without stressing that I'm poor
  10. evilfairie

    Latest Guest Announcement - DAVID TENNANT

    I'll go with Raylenth tomorrow and explain. They'll see the time of purchase and hopefully believe it was a silly (if expensive) mistake On a brighter note she and a friend of hers have managed to purchase both myself and her Diamond Passes for David TENNANT. Woohoo.
  11. evilfairie

    Latest Guest Announcement - DAVID TENNANT

    Will they be able to help me tomorrow, if I show them the passes etc? I feel so stupid It was a moment of panic.
  12. evilfairie

    Latest Guest Announcement - DAVID TENNANT

    I'm at work, not coming till tomorrow.
  13. evilfairie

    Latest Guest Announcement - DAVID TENNANT

    Well bugger, tried to get diamond passes for myself and a Raylenth but they kept coming up as unavailable, then when I refreshed they were there but I accidently clicked David Duchovny and didn't realise till after I bought the bloody things. That's £440 am out of pocket now
  14. evilfairie

    What did you get signed?

    *thinks she may have an inkling what the set is* and may just add my two penny worth @Broo, your drawing is fabulous, what a talented lady you are
  15. evilfairie

    Guest Days & Prices LFCC 2018

    No idea am afraid but maybe if you can't do it you can download the Eventbrite app?