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  1. Please let one be Emilia Clarke or Kiernan Shipka!
  2. Can we upgrade photo tickets already bought for Rose McIver to the group shot?
  3. Looking at the announcements yesterday, I’d guess Polyanna McIntosh
  4. I'd love to see some Westworld characters! Evan Rachel Wood Thandie Newton Ed Harris Jeffrey Wright Talulah Riley
  5. I've just been told that Showmasters have lost some of the Alyson Hannigan photo files and am absolutely gutted that mine is one of them I'll never get to meet her again and am so disappointed. I've been checking for ages hoping it would appear.
  6. I'd love to see Peter Dinklage back, plus others from Game of Thrones like Maisie Williams. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lauren Cohan. Perhaps some Westworld cast as I loved that series! Pretty please Bryan Cranston and/or Aaron Paul too!
  7. Hello. Apologies if I've missed this. I've never had a Diamond pass before, but have got 5 this year! If there's a guest like Alyson Hannigan who I've booked my diamond photo with for the Sunday, do I also have to get the autograph on that day, or could I get it on the Saturday? Likewise, if I'd booked a photo for the Saturday, could I get the autograph on the Sunday?
  8. 'Play your cards right' could also be Le Chiffre. It's just that last year Mads wasn't announced as a big guest if I remember correctly.
  9. Pretty sure Jim Parsons was on the One Show which was on BBC, and if he does go to Wimbledon, he will have appeared then too. Then there's the clue of people 'others don't know Jack', but don't think that's a tease towards 24 and Kiefer Sutherland?
  10. With the date being 24th, something old something new could be '24' because the new series has just been on. And with the letter 'e' could it be Kiefer Sutherland!?
  11. Well, the theme tune clue could be many things, but I can't get away from it being TWD? If so, I'd have to guess Danai Gurira - not sure how much she's done in the UK before compared to some of the other cast.
  12. I'll guess Sarah Michelle Gellar. But with the lack of GOT guests I'm going to hope it's Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner!
  13. Sean Bean Evangelline Lilly Martin Freeman Kiefer Sutherland Natalie Dormer Peter Dinklage Emilia Clarke Kit Harington Iwan Rheon Sarah Michelle Gellar Sam Neill Will Ferrell Anyone from Big Bang Theory More Lost guests Wentworth Miller Dominic Purcell But please not all of them because I wouldn't be able to afford it
  14. I contacted Showmasters about the experience with her, and the security guard etc. They said to me that nobody else has contacted them, so if definitely recommend others with bad experiences to email them. In fact I got a very poor response, so please give them feedback as they said they don't look on these threads either!
  15. All I want to say is that I paid money that I wouldn't have done if I had known that there was no touching or interaction. Broken rib or not, if she has made the effort to get to London (and all the money she would've got for it) then she could have at least acknowledged people when they said hello to her, or tried to smile in the photos. I also had the smacked hand from the security guard and there was no mention of not being able to shake hands. Completely unacceptable. I didn't even get eye contact with either the auto or photo and have wasted money on this which isn't fair when it's so expensive. Overall I had a fab experience, apart from one other rude celeb who swore, but I might as well have gone to have a photo with a wax model. I would've got closer to her that way!
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